Friday, July 24, 2009

Designer Stabbed His Love To Death

Photo courtesy of SiangTai Daily Newspaper

PHUKET - A half Nepalese, half Malaysian woman was killed yesterday by her interior designer boyfriend, after efforts to rekindle the relationship failed. The victim denied the boyfriend – and said she was seeing a Norwegian expat, who had recently proposed to her. The quick-tempered designer reached for a fruit knife, stabbing her nine times.

Police officer, Mr. Chayapon Tammasurin, stationed in Kratu province, Phuket, was first on the scene after responding to a call from Mr. Ekachai KlaiMake, the 41 yr old owner of Smiley Restaurant.

A crowd of onlookers quickly gathered outside the restaurant as police cars arrived at the scene. Inside, a body lying in a pool of blood could be seen.

The victim was the manager of the diner and had worked there for three years, sources say – and has since been indentified as Miss Nupia Ton, a 28 yr old Nepalese, holding a certified Burmese working permit.

The victim was sent to Mueng Pa Tong hospital, where doctors were unable to revive her.

‘Miss Nupia was a fine young woman – very responsible,’ says Mr. Ekachai, ‘I still can’t believe this has happened in my very own Smiley Restaurant.’ Mr. Ekachai stated that Miss Nupia’s had a partner named Mr. Punya (unknown last name) and that he was an interior designer who worked on holiday homes catering to foreigners, as well as local nightclubs.

The culprit and the victim had apparently lived together for a year before separating, as Mr. Punya developed a habit for late night drinking and not returning home.

The latest incident involved a Norwegian man who had been a customer at the Smiley Restaurant. The foreigner took a liking to Miss Nupia and proposed to her shortly after.

On the day of the crime, Mr. Punya came to the restaurant begging Miss Nupia for forgiveness, say staff from the Smiley Restaurant. He was heard saying, ‘I’ll be a good boy, I am done with alcohol. I promise,’ and was seen bending over for a smack on the rear. He had also asked Mr. Ekachai to be a witness to the promise. ‘Mr. Punya looked distressed,’ he recalls, ‘but it was family business and had nothing to do with me.’

Mr. Ekachai went to the front of the restaurant to babysit his child, as the couple continued their conversation when customers suddenly fled from the diner in horror. Mr. Ekachai went back in and saw that Mr. Punya had got the victim into a headlock and was stabbing repeatedly at her chest. As the victim fell to floor, Mr. Punya continued to knife her on the ground. The wound count stood at nine stabs to the chest and upper thigh.

The culprit quickly escaped through the back of the restaurant – and police have since discovered that he has fled town with friends. The culprit, who’s last name has not yet been disclosed, is under pursuit from police.

‘I may have to close down the Smiley Restaurant,’ says Mr. Ekachai, ‘I just don’t think it will ever be the same.’

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak