Monday, August 3, 2009

Conjuring Lottery Numbers or Conjuring Superstition?

Photo Courtesy of Daily News

THAILAND – A flock of Phitsanulok villagers paraded around a Takian tree believed to have been enchanted with good fortune; they caressed the tree – rubbed their nether regions and hind quarters on the trunk like animals in a turf war.

Others who considered themselves to be more well-educated, simply pleaded on their hands and knees.

The villagers were seeking lottery numbers - and it seemed the only way to get them was by rubbing the tree until a number like, 245-292-290-84 appeared.

Elsewhere, in Samut Sakhon, a strange looking cluster of mushrooms sprouted up in a mans garage. The owner, amazed at the phenomenon, suggested that supernatural powers were at work, since plant life could not survive, let alone thrive in the deficient soil.

After the mushrooms appeared in his garage, the mans business profits allegedly soared. He has since enclosed a protective fence around his mushrooms.

In Nakhon Si Thammarat, another congregation of villagers rushed to see a large gecko and a centipede fight to the death. Like in watching bullfighting and other lethal sports involving the vicarious experience of death, villagers felt a body-aching thrill as the centipede was eaten by the gecko. And yes, you guessed it -it was seen as sign of good luck.

When monthly lottery announcements are around the corner, many ticket buyers go out of their way to find a mystical means of winning.

Reporter, Nakhon Si Thammarat, accounted an unusual incident occurring at a house in the Thungyai district involving a gecko and a centipede. The two creatures were pit against each other in a battle that lasted ten minutes . The gecko was bitten many times, but held onto its foe in a fight to the death. The result of the match became the news of the village. Elders nodded at one another, acknowledging it to be a miracle. Those who witnessed the fight quickly deciphered lottery numbers from the result – don’t ask how - but then quickly bought lottery tickets.

On the other side of Thailand in Phitsanulok, a journalist reported on villagers parading around a Takian tree, located near Phaktop creek.

The so-called Takian trees were discovered during a creek excavation two months ago. Ten of these trees have since been found. Villagers have wrapped them in colored fabric – a show of enlightenment. Villagers have named a particular tree, Mae Soi Sudajan, meaning ‘the lady of the moon necklace.’ News of the trees has spread far and wide and the area has become something of a tourist attraction for those desperate to find magical lottery numbers.

Amidst the crowd, a man who identified himself as the sage of lottery numbers stepped out to tell the villagers that the Takian tree will give accurate lottery numbers for two consecutive months. The statement caused further excitement among the community, bringing one another wave of lottery frenzy.

Most villagers seem to agree that, 245 292 290 84, is this months lucky number.

Not over yet - in Samut Sakhon, a reporter was informed of mushrooms growing in the garage of Mr. Naret Parnthong’s repair shop. The mushroom story drew quite a crowd to the premises - and Mr. Naret told the reporter that he had first seen the mushrooms growing from the ground, believing they were ordinary mushrooms. However, as they grew, he continued to be amazed at the quality and vitality of the mushrooms; an unnatural occurrence considering the deprived soil they sprouted from. On average they have measured in at ninety centimeters in width and thirty centimeters in height with a diameter of around twenty six centimeters.

Mr. Naret has since sealed off the mushrooms after reporting that he has made financial gains as a result of their discovery. Unsurprisingly, villagers are also trying to decipher hidden messages from the mushrooms in order to buy lottery tickets.

It really couldn’t be any easier... or crazier.

Courtesy of Daily News

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak