Monday, September 14, 2009

Monk Reincarnated As Crocodile?

Photo Courtesy of Daily News

CHAIYAPOOM – A two meter long crocodile resides in Wang creek behind Don Phai Temple in Chaiyapoom. The crocodile has lived in peace with people for many years.

The crocodile usually comes out of the water to sunbath and then high-walks through the village without harming villagers that pass by. Villagers believe that that crocodile is the reincarnated Grand Monk Kham, an ex head monk and an eminent religious practitioner. The crocodile was first adopted by Grand Monk Kham.

People from all over the region have come to see the crocodile and Mr. Khunthong Wongkham, 55-years-old, chief of Nondaeng village brought incenses and candles to perform a special ritual in an attempt to connect with Grand Monk Kham’s spirit.

As the ritual took place the crocodile floated up from the depths of creek and swam towards the bank - it then belly-walked along the ground among the people as though in greeting. This caused a stir of excitement among the villagers. Many people weren’t scared and fed the crocodile raw chicken as seen in the photo above. Some even patted the old croc on the head like they were playing with a dog.

Mr. Khunthong said that after the media covered the story of the crocodile, a number of television programs contacted him and came to see and examine the crocs so-called friendly and intelligent nature.

Khunthong further said that everybody in the local area have paid great respect to the crocodile. Even students competing in local sports events would come to greet the crocodile and wish for good luck and always win their tournaments.

Others would go as far as to collect water from the creek to drink, believing it to be sacred holy water. Some shower in the water at home, trusting it will cure all kinds of diseases.

Courtesy of Daily News

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak