Monday, November 9, 2009

Tough Love: Mother Chains Son to a Tree

Photo Courtesy of Daily News

KONKAEN – A journalist tracked down the mother who chained his own son to a tree for five years. Prajak Yamglang, 45-years-old, dressed in shorts and a wool beanie slept in a hole next to a bamboo tree; his left ankle was locked to a thick, three meter long chain like some medieval prisoner. But Prajak smiled and sang a swift tune. He appeared to be completely happy.

Huang Yamglang, 71-years-old, the mother of Prajak said the reason she chains her son to a tree is because he has a mental disability. Huang recalled that as a child her son was an extremely intelligent boy who was good at drawing. When he finished grade seven, Prajak quit school to help his mother with farming and to look after the buffalos and soon became a loner.

When Prajak was 16-17 years of age, he was addicted to country music and glue. He eventually went mad and hurt people. Sometimes he would walk naked into schools scaring away teachers and students.

Huang said she has chained him down for almost 5 years now with Prajak’s complete consent. She said that he understands and agrees.

Huang brings food for her son everyday and play and tease each other every time.

The journalist covering the story said that while Prajak was interacting with his mother, he began to go off in his own world, bowing to the bamboo tree and lying down in the hole and sitting up suddenly to sing tunes; he repeated this over 40 times.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak