Friday, July 31, 2009

Gruesome! Gay Man Murdered, Shot, Beheaded, and Thrown Into River

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

ANGTHONG - An anonymous male was found beheaded in the Chaopraya River in Angthong. The shoulder of the corpse was marked with hickeys, while the buttocks and anus had lucid traces of semen. Police assume it was a personal revenge.

Police captain Pipat Nuengpan, stationed at Mueng Angthong, was informed of the beheaded victim, found floating in the Chaopraya River, behind Anamai Station, Yansue district, Angthong province. His team examines the corpse in the photo above.

The corpse was allegedly naked, bloated and showed early signs of rot. Both of the victim’s arms had been tied back.

Forensics concluded that the victim was a Thai male, between twenty-five and thirty years old; one hundred and seventy centimeters tall, with light clear skin and waxed armpits.

Four distinct hickeys were found on the victim’s shoulder, along with a gunshot wound to the centre of his back. The stomach had been severely beaten and was green with bruising; the left elbow had been pierced through by a sharp object.

Swollen genitals and semen found around the buttocks and anus, suggested it was a sex related homicide. The medical team stated that the victim had been dead for over eight hours.

Mr. Tawee Muangpian, sixty three yrs old, was paddling down the river to collect his fishing net in Chaopraya River when he noticed that the net was heavier than usual.

“I thought I had caught a damn big fish,’ he later told the media.

But when he drew the net from the water, he instead found the head of a dead man. He immediately informed Mr. Anek Phusuwan, the village chief at Yansue district, before reporting to the police.

Investigators further concluded that the victim was most likely of a gay orientation or someone who would take part in anal intercourse. The victim had kept slim and toned and had took measures to eliminate body hair. The motivation for the killing is believed to be personal revenge.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak