Thursday, August 20, 2009

Doggies United Sing National Anthem Daily: Mornings & Evenings

Photo Courtesy of Mthai News Online

TRAT – Eight dogs in Trat have been banding together every morning and evening to howl along to Thailand’s national anthem – together they are the ‘Doggies United’! The owner perceptively suggests that Thai politicians should learn from these gifted canines.

On August 17th, a journalist visited a home in Trat belonging to Mrs. Wassana Yamkamon, 55-years-old, and her eight dogs; most of them Thai breeds. Every morning and evening at 8.00a.m. and 6.00p.m., when the Thai national anthem is played around the country on radios, and televisions, the eight form a doggie orchestra and howl harmoniously with the anthem. They have been doing this for many years, says Mrs. Yamkamon.

Mrs. Yamkamon says she didn’t realize or notice that her eight dogs were interested in the Thai national anthem. She simply thought it was natural for dogs to howl in response to others dogs. But as the howling became more defined and constant, Wassana paid closer attention and realized that the timing of her doggies was in sync with the national anthem. In the morning, a female dog named Pui would lead her vocal into the song, before the others joined in until the anthem finished.

“At first, I thought it was natural for dogs to howl, so I didn’t think anything unusual. I even used to scold them for being so loud with it [Laughs]. But later on, I started to realize that it wasn’t just random howling,’ says Mrs. Yamkamon, ‘I listen to news on the radio and watch news on TV every morning and evening, and the moment the clock hits eight o’clock and six o’clock Peng Peng! My dogs form a choir! So I was like wow! This is no ordinary doggie Karaoke! [Laughs] Most interestingly though, for the evening schedule of the anthem, a female dog named Pui would do the lead vocal. So…that’s when I realized they were in fact singing to the national anthem.”

The dogs gather in front of the TV or the radio and have never missed a daily schedule.

“I would like to tell all Thai people, especially those corrupt Thai politicians with despicable behavior – oh’ so selfish and disrespectful to the country they are - to be put to shame by our four legged friends. These dogs don’t even understand our language or anything but they still are so loyal to the anthem. I think we humans should be able to do better,” Mrs. Yamkamon added.

Courtesy of Mthai News Online

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak