Sunday, November 22, 2009

Seamstress Sues Hospital For Losing Her Right kidney

In Courtesy of Post Today

THAILAND – A seamstress sued Krung Thon hospital after her ovary operation resulted in the loss of her right kidney.

Gade Pumcham, 43-years-old, a seamstress sued the hospital for 700,000 baht with 7.5 percent interest per year. She said she had a really bad stomachache in July 2006 and did a check up with the hospital and found that she had a small tumor growing below her right ovary.

In August, she had surgery and a month afterward, began to feel extremely fatigued, experienced dramatic weight loss and suffered backaches and excessive menstruation. She then went for an ultra sound in June 2008 and discovered that her right kidney had disappeared; her left kidney seemed to be weakening as well.

Gade said that she had had an X-ray before and that both her kidneys were in tact; she sued Krung Thon hospital for the missing kidney and for the the weakening state of her other one, of which she said Krung Thon’s operation was the cause.

The court judge found the claim and case to be ridiculous. After seeking out medical specialists, they all confirmed that it is impossible to extract a kidney through the operation wound of an ovary; the two organs are in completely different locations and the kidney cannot be taken out this way. After detailed study of the X-ray film, a team of medical specialists said that the liver had not disappeared but had shrunk, believing it to be a defect Gade has had since birth .

The medical specialists further added that if the operation could ever cause possible damage to the kidneys, the patient would have suffered chronic pain in the bladder and developed high fevers, of which Gade Pumcham never did. The court dismissed Gade’s claim.

Gade Pumcham seemed extremely disappointed and said that her health is now in a very bad state and she cannot take sewing jobs like she used to. She said she will push further with the case and fight to claim her money.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak