Friday, December 11, 2009

Practiced Robbery Ends Well

In Courtesy of Thairath

CHONBURI – Civilians in Chonburi panicked as four robbers barged into a gold jeweler in the middle of the city, taking a girl hostage - only no one knew it was part of a training scenario designed to test emergency services.

Police teams joined in for the practice to test out new strategies against gold store robberies. The police created a flawless scenario that seemed completely real; civilians were running everywhere in panic.

The four actors came on motorbikes pretending to be robbers, entered the gold store and stole 20 Baht of gold. After that the four men escaped through the Pattaya route road, where at the end of one Soi, police managed to take down two, while the other two escaped.

They were eventually cornered and took a young girl as hostage. The police began a dramatic negotiation with the fake culprit until he finally gave in. Of course he did!

The whole scenario took 29 minutes to complete.

The police and the four culprits finally walked off together, chatting and laughing.

This was the event of the day that left civilians in Chonburi in total shock and terror.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak