Friday, July 31, 2009

Gruesome! Gay Man Murdered, Shot, Beheaded, and Thrown Into River

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

ANGTHONG - An anonymous male was found beheaded in the Chaopraya River in Angthong. The shoulder of the corpse was marked with hickeys, while the buttocks and anus had lucid traces of semen. Police assume it was a personal revenge.

Police captain Pipat Nuengpan, stationed at Mueng Angthong, was informed of the beheaded victim, found floating in the Chaopraya River, behind Anamai Station, Yansue district, Angthong province. His team examines the corpse in the photo above.

The corpse was allegedly naked, bloated and showed early signs of rot. Both of the victim’s arms had been tied back.

Forensics concluded that the victim was a Thai male, between twenty-five and thirty years old; one hundred and seventy centimeters tall, with light clear skin and waxed armpits.

Four distinct hickeys were found on the victim’s shoulder, along with a gunshot wound to the centre of his back. The stomach had been severely beaten and was green with bruising; the left elbow had been pierced through by a sharp object.

Swollen genitals and semen found around the buttocks and anus, suggested it was a sex related homicide. The medical team stated that the victim had been dead for over eight hours.

Mr. Tawee Muangpian, sixty three yrs old, was paddling down the river to collect his fishing net in Chaopraya River when he noticed that the net was heavier than usual.

“I thought I had caught a damn big fish,’ he later told the media.

But when he drew the net from the water, he instead found the head of a dead man. He immediately informed Mr. Anek Phusuwan, the village chief at Yansue district, before reporting to the police.

Investigators further concluded that the victim was most likely of a gay orientation or someone who would take part in anal intercourse. The victim had kept slim and toned and had took measures to eliminate body hair. The motivation for the killing is believed to be personal revenge.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Thursday, July 30, 2009

On the Hunt For Perverted Mortician

Courtesy of Thairath

SAMUT SAKHON – Parents of an eight yr old rape victim take their child to report on a mortician from Nuanchan temple, which tricked the little girl and raped her eleven times. The young victim was given twenty baht each time and threatened with death to keep things quiet.

The girl eventually had the courage to inform police. In the photo above, the family is consulting Paweena Welfare Foundation on the issue. The mother said that their home is near the temple and that she and her husband knew the culprit well.

On July 26th the family of the victim consulted Mrs. Paweena Hongsakun, the president of Paweena Welfare Foundation for Women and Children, for assistance with the case. Even with a balaclava on, the young victim appeared traumatized.

‘She’s only 8 - please do justice,’ said the mother.

The mother explained that her daughter would go bike riding and play with friends inside the temple after school, as it was close to home - which was how the young victim got to know the temples mortician, Mr. Saengchai Inpradap, a 27 yr old who resided at 51/2, Tha Jin district, Samut Sakhon province. The culprit became close to the victim and tricked her into a bathroom at the back of the temple; on many other occasions he even took her to his own home.

Using twenty baht notes and death threats, the culprit kept the eight year old in silence. But completely traumatized, the young victim decided to inform the police.

“My daughter said the police thought she was bluffing and so didn’t believe her - she tried calling again and insisted she was really raped,” said the mother, “ - after that, a local policeman came to see her at the phone booth, and that’s how I found out about the incident.”

“We reported the case to Khokkram Police Station and I was called in by the abbot of the temple to meet up. When I arrived, there was this guy who claimed to be a lawyer, offering me twenty thousand baht to dump the case. I mean what kind of a lawyer would try to bribe you with twenty thousand baht? Of course I refused!” the mother said with anger, “I wanted to make sure there was justice. We’re pretty close now, but I still can’t believe what he did.”

With the assistance of the Paweena Foundataion, the young victim will testify in court and cooperate with Colonel Manote Rattanachok, the chief of police Khokkram station in order to bring the rapist to justice.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hallucinating Son Tramples Father to Death

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

UDON THANI – Relatives reveal that the culprit had previously shown signs of hallucination. Often mistaking his own father, he would physically injure him, thinking he was as a robber who had entered his home. Police are still verifying whether the culprit has any mental illnesses.

On July 26th, Kongphakit Phuthichokthanat, a police captain stationed at Udon Thani station, received an emergency report from an old man who had been severely injured by his son at 35/1 Soi Bunmacharoen Kongudom housing complex, Mueng district, Udon Thani.

Mr. Sommai Janthakat, 65 yrs old, was found lying outside his bedroom, barely breathing. His hands and feet had been tied with holy threads. The officer quickly removed the threads and sent him on an ambulance to Udon Thani hospital where doctors were unable to save his life . The old man sustained three broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

The culprit is the son of the victim, Mr. Kittiporn Janthakat, 35 yrs old, who was caught by relatives and villagers and taken into custody by police.

Further enquiry has revealed that the culprit was a Tuk-Tuk driver.

After returning home from a late shift, Kittiporn found that the desk fan in his room was missing; he skipped his next shift and stayed at home in an attempt to track down the thief who he assumed, had stolen it.

Later that afternoon, the victim walked into the house and the culprit asked who he had come to see. The victim insisted that he was his father, but the culprit didn’t believe him. He pushed the victim onto the floor, stomping him to near death.

The culprit then used holy threads, as seen in the picture, to tie up his father. In a bizarre twist, he began to hum a holy mantra in an attempt to perform an exorcism on the victim. He was later stopped by a group of villagers who happened to pass by the house.

According to villagers and relatives, Kittiporn often misperceived his father as a robber and had a history of injuring him – the villagers didn’t admit the victim to hospital because they didn’t think it was going to be so severe. Kittiporn is now being tested for mental illnesses and has confessed to the murder of his father.

Courtesy of Thairath

Note: Holy threads are sometimes used in Shamanistic rituals to perform exorcisms.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Freshly Grilled In A Vehicle

Picture Courtesy of Thairath

SAKON NAKHON - At 7.30AM on July 25th, Lieutenant Colonel Natkit Kamphusaen, an inspector on duty at Warichaphum police station in Sakon Nakhon province, arrived at the scene of an accident where a bronze colored Honda Jazz, plate number 8516 Udonthani, had smashed head on into a Jamjuri tree on a road island. The vehicle had burst into flames along with its driver.

In the image above: the victims scorched leg is being removed from the wreck.

The victim identified as Mr. Jesada Pithakchaipanya, 25 yrs old, resided at 298 Section 8 Pothichai Complex, in Sakon Nakhon. The body was burnt beyond recognition.

Mrs. Jittima Suthiat, the mother of the victim, later arrived at the scene and made a statement that her son owned a car care and vehicle parts company in Pattaya, Chonburi.

The victim had gone to Sakon Nakhon to visit his parents and prior to the accident, left home before dawn to do business in the Warichaphum district. It is assumed that Jesada was fatigued from long hours of driving and fell asleep, causing him to veer off the road.

Courtesy of Thairath

Note: The headline is a direct translation from Thai.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Boy With No Anus

Photo courtesy of Khaosod

RAYONG - A journalist reports that Mrs. On Chaemwimon, a struggling 67 yr old, does laundry jobs to feed and support her grandson who is without an anus. Both the boy’s parents have died (unknown cause).

From an interview, it was discovered that a surgeon had to pin a hole in his stomach as an infant, in order to release the boys feces. When the boy was three months old, the surgeon rearranged his intestines for the placement of an artificial anus. As a result, the boy has always worn a diaper - unable to control the timing of his excrement's.

The boy often defecates at school while sitting in class, releasing devastating odors among his peers. For this reason, the boy is badly teased and often withdraws into a corner of the classroom. He suffers from deep insecurities and depression.

Hopefully someone with money and kindness will take the boy to a proper hospital for treatment of his painful and embarrassing dysfunction.

Courtesy of Khaosod

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Mysterious Light Appears in Ancient Buddhist Monastery

Photo courtesy of Matichon

PHITSANULOK – A villager from Moo 1, Bankrang District, Phisanulok province, notified a journalist about a mysterious light that appeared inside an ancient Buddhist monastery at Denbotphongam Temple. The numinous orb was seen hovering inside the temple limits.

News of the light caused a ripple of excitement for people living in the area, and a large group of villagers were seen gathered around a television, watching footage captured by the monastery’s surveillance cameras. (Photo above)

The abbot at the monastery, Athikankarun Paripunno, revealed that Denbotphongam Temple is an ancient religious structure believed to have been built in 2400 B.C. At present, the monastery is tottering due to age.

The temples donation box had previously been stolen from on a number of occasions and the thieves were never caught. As a solution, the temple and its committee gathered a sum of money to purchase surveillance equipment.

On the twenty fourth of July, the camera instead captured a round shaped light, shifting and hovering around the monastery for six hours until it finally disappeared from sight.

Mrs. Noi Nainet, a 68 yr old villager in the area said she paid a visit to the temple after hearing news of the light, and that it was the weirdest thing she had ever witnessed. Most of the villagers, including herself, believe the light to be a source of power from Luangpo Suk, a sacred Buddha statue over a hundred years old, positioned in the monastery.

According to the villagers, the sacred statue must have been trying to let the people in the village know of its power. After the incident, many villagers have set off to the temple daily in order to rid their sins. They have even gathered together a dance crew, who practice ancient dance choreography, to perform sets in the monastery as a response to the Luangpo Suk statue.

Courtesy of Matichon

Note: 'Moo' is Thai for Unit or Zone Number

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Monday, July 27, 2009

Guns, Alcohol, Porn, and Prayer

Photo Courtesy of Matichon Online

SUKHOTHAI - Police Colonel Roengkiat Sothoncharoensin, a superintendent of Kongkairat station in Sukhothai, sent an investigative team led by Lieutenant Bumroong Chaemtet, to search the room of an abbot at Insisrisangwon Temple after complaints were received from villagers about gunshots and suspicious incidents around the area.

Mr. Mongkol Khatphap, the head minister of the province’s Buddhism Community, assisted in the search with Sergeant Major Surasak Imem, deputy of Kongkairat district, along with several other assistant officers.

They seized a shotgun, three handguns of .357 and .38 calibers, and over a hundred bullets. The team also discovered five liters of illegal alcohol, five bottles of beer and whiskey, twelve Viagra tablets, and a stockpile of Pornographic movies.

The abbot testified that the weapons were not his, but belonged to a pawner who came to exchange them for money. Besides implying that he bought these items, he further stated that the alcohol, Viagra, and pornographic movies were shared among his group of disciples and were not his alone. He insisted that he was not directly involved with the illegal items.

“And the gunshots heard in the temple were from my disciples at the monastery committee,” the abbot further explained, “they were just firing off warning shots at a teen motorcycle gang outside. “

The Kongkairat district had previously received complaints from villagers about the abbot’s minacious behavior - he was seen strutting like a gangster with a revolver held over his shoulder, collecting rental fees from market merchants during an annual monastery event.

Police officers had previously arrested a drug dealer residing at Insisrisangwon Temple, seizing up to two thousands amphetamines.

The abbot, Patsaman Thawaro, was arrested and asked to defrock, when twenty villagers impeded the process. The abbot was eventually taken to the police station, still dressed in a saffron robe. The incident caused a great deal of unease for the police officers involved in his arrest.

A small group of villagers are rallying behind the abbot, saying that he developed Insisrisangwon Temple by building new monastic structures, as well as other necessary facilities valued at over thirty million baht.

Other reasons in his defense, are his knowledge of ancient medicines, said to be able to cure diabetes, cancer, and AIDS. The minority group alleged that the abbot had previously been the target of an assassination and urged police officers to allow him to maintain his religious status in order to insure his safety.

Police officers have been unable to convince the villagers to defrock him- and the abbot was taken into custody only on account of illicit possession of lethal weapons and illegal alcoholic beverages. Yet, his monk status has remained untouched.

Courtesy of Matichon Online

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fruit Merchant Sprays More Than Just Tomato Juice

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

CHIANG RAI – A divorced fruit merchant, unable to overcome feelings of jealousy, tracked down his ex-wife and her new husband while they were shopping at the hill tribe’s market. Armed with a 9 mm, he waited opportunistically in a near by car park, for the chance to kill them.

The couple were shot dead on the way back to their vehicle, while the husband’s nephew was severely injured in the ambush. After the shooting, the culprit went home, wrote a suicide note, and put the gun to himself (picture in right hand corner).

The double homicide was unraveled at 13.30PM by a police Lieutenant Colonel, Deja Chaiaksorn who was stationed in Chiang Rai. He received a report that there was a shooting near the entrance road to KunKorn Waterfall.

At the entrance, a bronze Isuzu pick-up truck, plate number 6059 Chiang Rai, was spotted on the side of the road. Two bodies stained in blood were found near the vehicle. The male victim, Mr. Panyakorn Panya, 35 yrs old, was shot in the head and upper body. Nearby, the wife, Mrs. Nippaporn Panya, 33 yrs old, was shot on the right side of her face.

Forensic teams found eight bullet shells belonging to a 9 mm. at the crime scene.
The other victim, Mr. Charin Chaipanya, 19 yrs old, a nephew of the male victim, was shot in the left shoulder and faced a critical condition at Chiang Rai Phra Cha Nu Klor Hospital. Surgeons managed to remove the bullet from his body and is now in a stable condition.

The fruit merchant turned jealous-wife-killer, has since been identified as Banjong Norgaew, 39 yrs old. It is believed that after the shootings took place, he drove his blue Mitsubishi pick-up truck, plate number 3994 Pa Yao, to a convenient store and bought a bottle of beer. He later returned home and wrote a suicide note which said, “This home was built as a dream…Now it ends with a dream. – Banjong.” After that, he turned the same handgun used to commit the murders, on himself, firing three shots into his own chest and heart.

From police inquiries, it was discovered that the victims, including the culprit, were fruit and vegetable merchants at the Chok Jaroen market in Chiang Rai. Mr. Banjong Norgaew, who appeared to be well-off financially, was an ex-husband to Mrs. Nippaporn Panya. They lived together with two other children and divorced a year before the murders took place.

After separating, they each started new families, but Nippaporn married Mr. Panyakorn, a fruit merchant only a few stalls away in the same market.

It is believed that Mr. Banjong had previously threatened to kill the couple several times – and that jealousy had played a strong role in the killings.

Before the incident, Panyakorn, Nippaporn, and Charin (the nephew), drove out to a three-way intersection near the entrance to Kunkorn Waterfall, to buy tomatoes that the hill tribe bring down to sell from the mountains. The culprit somehow knew that the couple were there. He drove out and saw his ex-wife standing with her new husband next to their pick-up truck. He could not face what he saw. He drew his weapon. And the red stained gravel he left behind was no tomato juice.

In Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Ninth Grader and a Pen Gun leaves Unsolved Murder

Photo Courtesy of Thairath Newspaper

BANGKOK - Marood Rakissara, a 14 yr old attending ninth grade at Janpradittharam High School was shot dead today; his father can be seen in the photo hasting towards his body. Police have found an important piece of evidence: a pen gun, discovered near the scene of the crime.

The ninth grader was discovered at 18.00 when Lieutenant Srongsak Petprakorp received a call at Bang Koon Tian station. He and emergency volunteers set off to the crime scene in Soi Teud Thai 67, Chumchon Pattana 7, Phasi Charoen district.

The murder took place deep in a forest about two kilometers from the front of the Soi. It was there, that the officers found the victim lying dead in a school uniform. The young victim sustained an exit wound to the left of his chest.

After the interrogation of the victim’s friends, it was found that before the killing took place, the victim and two friends paid a visit to another friend’s house situated in the Soi.

On the way back, the victim had stopped to urinate in a side bush where he was approached by two passing motorcycles. The first was a pink and white Yamaha Phino with two people on it; the driver was wearing a helmet and a dark colored jacket – the man sitting on the rear is said to have had a long mullet. The second bike was a dark blue Honda Sonic, with a single driver, also wearing a dark colored jacket.

When the two bikes reached the spot where Marood, the victim, was urinating, the man with the mullet drew a gun without warning. The victim was fiercely gunned down in close proximity, instantly collapsing. The two bikes left the Soi immediately after the killing.

The victim’s friends further stated that two or three days before the crime took place, their group started a fight with a group of kids from a school near the Tha Pra intersection.

While the kids from the other school boarded a public bus, the victim and his friends chased them and whipped them with belts. The victim’s friends suggested that this could be a motive for the killing of their friend.

The police, however, are not convinced. They suspect the victim had created conflict with people near the neighborhood of the murder, or that the killer is among the victims group of friends. The pen gun remains a mystery and has not yet been linked to the killing.


Soi (Thai: ซอย) is the term used in Thailand for a side-street branching off a major street (Thanon, Thai:ถนน).

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Friday, July 24, 2009

Designer Stabbed His Love To Death

Photo courtesy of SiangTai Daily Newspaper

PHUKET - A half Nepalese, half Malaysian woman was killed yesterday by her interior designer boyfriend, after efforts to rekindle the relationship failed. The victim denied the boyfriend – and said she was seeing a Norwegian expat, who had recently proposed to her. The quick-tempered designer reached for a fruit knife, stabbing her nine times.

Police officer, Mr. Chayapon Tammasurin, stationed in Kratu province, Phuket, was first on the scene after responding to a call from Mr. Ekachai KlaiMake, the 41 yr old owner of Smiley Restaurant.

A crowd of onlookers quickly gathered outside the restaurant as police cars arrived at the scene. Inside, a body lying in a pool of blood could be seen.

The victim was the manager of the diner and had worked there for three years, sources say – and has since been indentified as Miss Nupia Ton, a 28 yr old Nepalese, holding a certified Burmese working permit.

The victim was sent to Mueng Pa Tong hospital, where doctors were unable to revive her.

‘Miss Nupia was a fine young woman – very responsible,’ says Mr. Ekachai, ‘I still can’t believe this has happened in my very own Smiley Restaurant.’ Mr. Ekachai stated that Miss Nupia’s had a partner named Mr. Punya (unknown last name) and that he was an interior designer who worked on holiday homes catering to foreigners, as well as local nightclubs.

The culprit and the victim had apparently lived together for a year before separating, as Mr. Punya developed a habit for late night drinking and not returning home.

The latest incident involved a Norwegian man who had been a customer at the Smiley Restaurant. The foreigner took a liking to Miss Nupia and proposed to her shortly after.

On the day of the crime, Mr. Punya came to the restaurant begging Miss Nupia for forgiveness, say staff from the Smiley Restaurant. He was heard saying, ‘I’ll be a good boy, I am done with alcohol. I promise,’ and was seen bending over for a smack on the rear. He had also asked Mr. Ekachai to be a witness to the promise. ‘Mr. Punya looked distressed,’ he recalls, ‘but it was family business and had nothing to do with me.’

Mr. Ekachai went to the front of the restaurant to babysit his child, as the couple continued their conversation when customers suddenly fled from the diner in horror. Mr. Ekachai went back in and saw that Mr. Punya had got the victim into a headlock and was stabbing repeatedly at her chest. As the victim fell to floor, Mr. Punya continued to knife her on the ground. The wound count stood at nine stabs to the chest and upper thigh.

The culprit quickly escaped through the back of the restaurant – and police have since discovered that he has fled town with friends. The culprit, who’s last name has not yet been disclosed, is under pursuit from police.

‘I may have to close down the Smiley Restaurant,’ says Mr. Ekachai, ‘I just don’t think it will ever be the same.’

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bathroom Lights Cut-Off Leads to Gunfire

THAILAND - The dead body in the image is Mr. Piyarit Phongam, 24 yrs old, a nephew of the well-known comedian, “Tep Phongam” who was shot dead last night by Mr. Chalor Jantapow (Image in the Right Corner).

The homicide took place at “Mum Mum,” an all-night congee house, in Grand Market, Uthai province, Pranakornsreeayudthaya City. It is believed the culprit became incensed when the victim accidentally switched off the lights in the restroom he was using. The perpetrator, yelling and screaming, fumbled for toilet paper in the dark; witnesses outside heard someone howling, “I am taking a shit, a big shit!”

At 5:00 AM, Puttipong Intara, an investigative officer, went to the crime scene after responding to a call about the shoot out. On arrival, the tables and chairs at the restaurant were in disarray, with fresh blood splattered around the restaurant - a bullet head of an unspecified size was found on the floor near by.

The victim was sent to Ratchathani Hospital where it was discovered that he was shot twice. One bullet had pierced through the right arm and into the lungs; the other was found in the back of the neck. Mr. Piyarit Phongam could not sustain the injuries and died shortly after.

Miss Rungnapa Meesukon, 26 yrs old, the victim’s wife, said the victim was the nephew of the famous comedian Tep Phongam, who came to work as a water-usage fee collector in Uthai Province, Pranakornsreeayudthaya City.

During the incident, the victim and his wife went to have congee at Mum Mum, when the victim went to the toilet and accidentally switched off the lights in the bathroom. This was found to be the motive behind the culprit’s shooting. The culprit later followed the victim back to his table where an argument took place. The victim had tried to placate the culprit, and it was then that he was shot.

Police officers later received a phone call from the culprit, Mr. Chalor Jantapow, 39 yrs old, confessing he had committed murder. When the police officers arrived at the culprit’s house, Mr. Chalor was sitting on his armchair with a .38 handgun waiting to be arrested. When interrogated, Chalor said that he thought the victim was going to raise his leg to kick him, so he got his gun out and shot the victim twice. He insisted it was self-defence.

In Courtesy of Thairath & Kow Sod Newspapers.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak