Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mysterious Light Appears in Ancient Buddhist Monastery

Photo courtesy of Matichon

PHITSANULOK – A villager from Moo 1, Bankrang District, Phisanulok province, notified a journalist about a mysterious light that appeared inside an ancient Buddhist monastery at Denbotphongam Temple. The numinous orb was seen hovering inside the temple limits.

News of the light caused a ripple of excitement for people living in the area, and a large group of villagers were seen gathered around a television, watching footage captured by the monastery’s surveillance cameras. (Photo above)

The abbot at the monastery, Athikankarun Paripunno, revealed that Denbotphongam Temple is an ancient religious structure believed to have been built in 2400 B.C. At present, the monastery is tottering due to age.

The temples donation box had previously been stolen from on a number of occasions and the thieves were never caught. As a solution, the temple and its committee gathered a sum of money to purchase surveillance equipment.

On the twenty fourth of July, the camera instead captured a round shaped light, shifting and hovering around the monastery for six hours until it finally disappeared from sight.

Mrs. Noi Nainet, a 68 yr old villager in the area said she paid a visit to the temple after hearing news of the light, and that it was the weirdest thing she had ever witnessed. Most of the villagers, including herself, believe the light to be a source of power from Luangpo Suk, a sacred Buddha statue over a hundred years old, positioned in the monastery.

According to the villagers, the sacred statue must have been trying to let the people in the village know of its power. After the incident, many villagers have set off to the temple daily in order to rid their sins. They have even gathered together a dance crew, who practice ancient dance choreography, to perform sets in the monastery as a response to the Luangpo Suk statue.

Courtesy of Matichon

Note: 'Moo' is Thai for Unit or Zone Number

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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