Saturday, October 10, 2009

Deaf Woman Tries to Sell Her Organs for 1.5 Million

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

BANGKOK – A deaf woman has asked Thairath Online to advertise her eyes and kidneys so that she can raise money to cure her ears. She has been declined treatment from public hospitals because her 30 baht ‘Cure All’ health insurance card does not cover her.

With no other options, Gaesirin Wutthiwong, 45-years-old, asked Thairath online to help her sell her organs: one kidney and one eye. Gaesirin has been deaf for a year and a half now because of a parasite living in her brain.

Dangerous fevers, severe migraines and aching pains around finger and toe joints led her to visit the hospital – but the hospital declined her 30 baht ‘Cure All’ Card. Doctors told Gaesirin that her case wasn’t covered under the policy.

Medical staff further advised her that treatment would cost 1.5 million baht and would require special surgical instruments. Only three hospitals in Thailand can perform the operation: Chulalongkorn Hospital, Rama Hospital, and Sirirat Hospital. All three have declined her case because she doesn’t have enough money.

“I begged them but everybody ignored me. Someone please help me, my condition is getting worse. I’m losing my sense of balance. Sometimes my eyes go fuzzy and I am losing memory,” Gaesirin said.

Gaesirin stated that if no one helps her or if her organs don’t make good sales, she will walk right into Prime Minister Abhisit’s office and ask for her ‘Cure All’ insurance rights.

In the photo above the text reads:

Help me please. Thairath is my last hope. I’m here to sell my organs, my kidney and one of my eyes. This is to find money to cure my ears which are deaf as a result of a parasite eating parts of my brain. My card is useless. They said they got no money to cure me, and that nobody would pay so much for me. Every single department of the government ignored me. It’s already been a year that I haven’t been hearing a thing. I plead to those kind hearts to help me, pay for me, or at least buy my organs. Gaesirin.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak