Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Transsexual In Coma

Photo Courtesy of Siang Tai News

PHUKET – A transsexual in Phuket thought she was Spiderman. She climbed to the 5th floor of an apartment building into a tourist’s room to steal valuables. It rained unexpectedly and began to storm. On the way back down she slipped and fell head first into the ground.

Ananthachai Gaewsumalee, 35-years-old, owner of Beach First mansion reported the incident to police. He said the transsexual had fallen from his mansion at the rear of the premises.

The rescue emergency team arrived to find Anulak Phaklaechat, 30-years-old, lying half-dead on the pavement behind the building; her skull had been split open and blood masked her face. Anulak was sent to Phuket Hospital and is now in a coma.

After investigation, police discovered that the ballsy transsexual had climbed five stories from outside the building into one of the rooms which happened to be a tourist’s, to steal their belongings. The strong wind and rain had caused the transsexual to lose grip, slip and fall.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak