Friday, August 28, 2009

70-Year-Old Wakes Up From Death

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

ROI ET – It’s a miracle that an ex-police inspector and village chief, 70-years-old, in Roi Et woke up after hours of being dead. He was admitted to Roi Et hospital due to illness. After the doctors gave up reviving him, the old man woke up. Just like that.

In the afternoon of August 25th, a journalist was informed of wide-spread news that Mr. Gawin Saenun, an ex-police inspector and village chief in Roi Et, who died in hospital, had woken up from his death. Doctors allowed him to go home to rest. The journalist went to the man’s home to meet the old man.

Mr. Gawin Saenun was resting on a bed in front of the house, with Mrs. Nuphien Saenun, his wife, 62-years-old; Mr. Vichian Saenun, his son, 43-years-old; Mrs. Sangwian Pratumkhan, his daughter, 39-years-old; and Mrs. Rampai Matschit, his nephew, 44-years-old. Over ten relatives had gathered at the home. Mr. Vichian Saenun said that his father has suffered from severe diabetes, gall bladder infection, and gout disease for over seven years. He has been admitted to Roi Et hospital and other hospitals in town and in Bangkok for treatment several times before.

On August 22nd, Mr. Gawin felt severely fatigued and weary - his family sent him to Roi Et hospital. At 14.00p.m. on August 24th, one of the nurses informed the family that Gawin was in a coma. The doctor asked the family whether they wanted Gawin to die at the hospital or at home and requested the family to prepare payments to the hospital. Mrs. Rampai was the one who took the family to the hospital administration counter on the 1st floor of the building. At that time, Gawin had already stopped breathing. Relatives were already preparing for the funeral and had made transportation arrangements to take the body from the hospital to the funeral service.

However, a few hours later, Gawin suddenly opened his eyes and sat up, shocking his family and relatives who were crying in the room. The first thing he said was, ‘why is everybody crying?’ When Gawin was removed from his death bed, medical staff found large sweat stains on the sheets. He had somehow been sweating the whole time. Relatives then asked the doctor for Gawin to be allowed home, and their request was granted.

Vichian, the son, also said that when his father came home, he felt a lot more alive and refreshed than before, and most of his symptoms were absent. His wife asked him what he had seen in the time he wasn’t breathing. Gawin replied that he didn’t know and wasn’t feeling anything, but woke up curious as to why everyone he loved was crying around him. Nuphien, the wife, told the journalist that she will wait and see her husband’s condition for a while before the family and relatives will conduct a consolatory ritual for the old man according to the tradition to bring fortune to the family and Gawin’s health condition.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak