Sunday, August 2, 2009

Russian Officer Has Threesome In The Middle of Busy Street

Photo Courtesy of Matichon Online

PATTAYA – A Russian man, claiming to be a police officer on vacation, was caught up in a steamy threesome with two other women on one of Pattaya’s main streets. When he was pulled from the vehicle in which the minor orgy took place, the man argued with police saying, “What? This is how it‘s done in Russia!”

Perhaps the man had forgotten he was in Thailand.

A journalist reported that at 03.30AM, Lieutenant Colonel Sutham Chaosrithong, assistant chief of police at Pattaya police station, came across a bronze Toyota Vios, plate number 1344, which was shaking and bouncing like a vehicle with suspension modifications. In fact, the shaking was so violent, that the officer thought a late night melee was taking place – he drew his weapon and carefully proceeded towards the vehicle.

As the officer came close to the window, he was shocked to find a foreign male fornicating with two other women in a cinematic porn star position.

As back up arrived, the officer demanded that the participants step out from of the vehicle. The two women were foreigners and the male has since been identified as Mr. Wormick Chergay, a 34 yr old Russian man.

He had been without trousers, his penis fully erect, sitting in the backseat behind the driver’s seat. The two women were completely naked and had alternated between wrist work, fellatio and being penetrated by the man. Movements had been quick and aggressive.

The three love makers were clearly inebriated - and were taken into custody.

Mr. Chergay insisted that he was a policeman from Russia, on vacation in Pattaya. He admitted to committing inappropriate sexual acts in public, but argued that no charges should be laid, as this sort of thing is acceptable in Russia.

Courtesy of Matichon Online

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak