Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Little More On Keiko Sato

Photo Courtesy of Khaosod

THAILAND – As the father and son arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport on the father’s final day in Thailand, a congregation of teary fans passed on gifts and flowers to Katsumi Sato, the father.

Before entering the gate, Katsumi kneeled down to hug Keiko and they both cried while embracing each other; a strong emotional charge was felt throughout the airport and many people began sobbing. Katsumi thanked Thailand again for the last time before disappearing through the departure gates.

Keiko Sato, when asked if he wanted to live in Japan with his father, simply shook his head. He doesn’t want to leave Thailand and only wants to go to Japan for a vacation.

Before leaving to the airport that night, the two had been on the TV Show, “At Ten,” and gave an interview on how Katsumi had met Thipmontha Sato, Keiko’s mother.

Katsumi Sato said that he likes Thai women because they are cute, good-looking, kind and joyful. The couple had met at Tha Luang temple and eventually got married and had Keiko.

Katsumi recalled that one newspaper in Japan covered the news on a Thai-Japanese boy, Keiko searching for his father. Not long after that, the Japanese embassy contacted him. He said that years ago he was learning Muay Thai in Thailand, when he met Keiko’s mother. He had stayed with her for three years before they separated. He tried to take Keiko, but the mother wouldn’t let him. Katsumi returned to Japan and never heard another word.

Katsumi Sato’s background in Japan is still unknown.

Katsumi returned to Japan in sorrow. Keiko said he will go visit his father in Japan soon. We can expect to receive full coverage in high definition.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak