Monday, November 23, 2009

30 Students Lose Consciousness after Playing Ghost Game

PRACHINBURI – Thirty students became hysterical and lost consciousness while playing a ghost cup game similar to a Ouija board. They were all sent to hospital.

After regaining consciousness, some felt nauseous and tight in the chest. Some even went on talking randomly to themselves and appeared to be hallucinating.

Doctors said the students were panicked and still in shock from the incident.

The game utilized a glass cup, incenses, and a piece of paper. A table of alphabets was drawn on the piece of paper. Then the incenses were lit to get smoke into the cup; then flipped over onto the paper, trapping the smoke inside. Like the famous Ouija board, this half-game, half ritual, half paranormal talk board is believed to invite spirits to answer questions.

The students set their fingertips on the edge of the flipped-over glass and waited for it to move by itself around the alphabet to create a message.

It all went wrong when one girl student saw a stark black shadow projected on the wall – which allegedly tampered with her mental stability. Soon all 30 students playing the game were affected.

The doctors said the children faced some fearful mental experiences and are not so stable. The hospitals psychotherapists are treating the students. Some have regained consciousness while others are still in a deep labyrinth of sleep.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak