Sunday, November 15, 2009

Potato Kills Grandpa

Courtesy of Daily News

SUKHOTHAI – An old man was watching a comedy show on TV, forgot to wear his fake teeth, reached for a grilled potato and chocked on it in a laughing fit.

Paramedics arrived to find Gate Boonmueng, 67-years-old, dead on the floor of his home, his face still showed a trace of laughter.

Relatives said that Gate had bought some fish balls, grilled potatoes and alcohol to enjoy while watching the comedy show; Gate got carried away and quickly threw a potato into his mouth without wearing his set of fake teeth.

An officer from the Foundation of Heaven Earth Rescue said that people should be careful when they eat and do not talk or laugh so much because it’s very dangerous.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak