Saturday, October 3, 2009

News Update: Mother Slaughters 5-Month Old Baby

It turns out the woman fed her baby milk, then stabbed it in the back ten times, then sliced the baby’s stomach, then took out its intestines and lay it out on the table.

Next, she wrapped the baby in a towel and sat at the front of the house and had no idea her baby was dead because her brain is toast; she’s loco, she’s cuckoo. She kept cradling the baby, rocking it back and forth to get it to sleep.

The husband comes home, as you will see in the video, and he’s completely distraught and can’t even blame his wife because she has no idea what she has done and he still loves her.

The husband says that his wife normally takes her pills but lately, had been throwing them away. On the day of the stabbing it rained so the wife didn’t go to work and stayed at home to look after the baby. In the video you will see that the baby has turned a pasty white.

Warning: this video is quite disturbing.

Mother Slaughters 5-Month Old Baby

NONTHABURI – A mother suffering from schizophrenia knifed her 5-month old daughter; intestines and other organs gushed out from the child’s abdomen. The woman’s husband revealed her history of mental illness.

Police arrived at the apartment to find the woman, around 35 years old, wearing a round-necked sleeveless top and a sarong. Mad and out of control, she held the baby to her chest, fresh blood smeared all over her body. The dead child had a long slash wound across its stomach; intestines hung out and dangled midair. Police tried to calm the woman down verbally; after an hour she did, but would not let go of the baby, and warned police from going near her.

Initial investigations revealed the woman’s name to be Napaporn Yuesawang (Yuesawang meaning “Looking for Prey”, pretty ironic), and lives with her husband in a rented home. Her husband said that his wife has been very crazy lately; doing some very absurd things.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak