Friday, October 23, 2009

RoboCop: Stabbed by A Spartan Sword But Still Completed His Mission

Photo Courtesy of The Nation Group

PHITSANULOK – An iron-boned policeman managed to capture his suspect after being fiercely stabbed through the lungs with a Spartan sword.

The policeman, Thongbai Mhaksan, 46-years-old, went to settle a fight between two drunks. While trying to arrest the two drunks, one of them reached for a Spartan sword and plunged the sword into Thongbai’s chest, piercing his lungs. Thongbai didn’t give up and fought back with a Spartan sword stuck in his chest, leaving the two drunks livid with fear. He persisted until he managed to capture both the drunks. Thongbai was immediately sent to hospital and survived.

The chief of police in Phitsanulok told the press of Thongbai’s heroic feat: making an arrest with bloodied uniform and sword protruding from chest. The chief said the act was extremely courageous and honorable because he put his duties before his life.

Two of Thongbai’s colleagues recalled the incident:

“He was stabbed straight on with a Spartan and was still pushing it. He managed to lock both the drunks around his arms and sent them over to us. After that he pulled the Spartan sword out of his chest, blood sprayed out, and he was still standing. Then he handed the Spartan sword to me and told me to keep it as evidence.”

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak