Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Famous DJ Gets Acid Splash

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

RAYONG – Two men wearing motor cycle helmets had concealed receptacles of potent acid in their over coats, as they attended a famous restaurant where a handsome young DJ was working. Carefully planned, the culprits lured the young DJ outside and poured the acid onto his face.

The victims left eye may be permanently blind; the left side of his neck has been burnt and disfigured, and his chest, severely blistered. The victim had worked as a DJ for the restaurant – and had been quite popular as a result.

The culprits had stopped by the restaurant and asked for a waiter to call the DJ over. The unsuspecting victim approached the men, who he thought were a pair of merry diners, before he was sprayed with acid in a surprise attack. The motive is believed to be love related.

The incident was reported at 22.00, to Lieutenant Colonel Chatchai Inthonphuk, stationed at Klang Police station in Rayong who received the call about the victim being splashed with acid in a restaurant called ‘Bann Khiang Din’. The well-known bistro is in Soi Arikhun district.

The officer and his team went to the site immediately, and arrived to find the restaurant still open to service. Everything appeared normal, but outside a group of workers and night clubbers appeared shocked as they spoke about the incident.

The victim, Mr. Surasak Hoiraya AKA DJ Bank, twenty two yrs old, had already been sent to Klang Hospital. Police conducted inquiries at the restaurant before continuing their investigations at the hospital.

The young man was found to be severely injured: his left eye completely swelled shut, his neck and chest blistered and marred. Medical teams did their best to reduce skin damage.

After further questioning, the victim told the officer he had only worked as a DJ for restaurant for a week. Before the incident, he had been taking music requests from customers and a waiter named Oh had told him there were visitors for him. He immediately thought it was his friends. Surasak walked out to the entrance of the restaurant to find both culprits dressed in long coats and motorcycle helmets. When the victim walked closer, they suddenly splashed acid onto his face and injured another waiter in the process.

The culprits immediately fled on a Honda motorbike. The victim had no idea what the motive was.

Police stated that since the victim was a good-looking young man, a DJ, and a singer at other venues, with many female fans – Surasak probably had unseen enemies.

The victim has a wife. Police have analyzed the case and concluded that the incident had been carefully planned and further stated that suspects may include girls he had been interacting with. Other potential suspects include, males who failed to court women as a result of the victims presence. Further investigations may take place.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak