Thursday, October 22, 2009

Karaoke Bar Charges 30,000 Baht Bill

Photo Courtesy of The Nation Group

BANGKOK – An ex-policeman was shocked to get a 30,000 baht bill after spending three hours at a karaoke bar with his girlfriend. Even the candies had cost 100 baht each. The ex-policeman resisted payment at the front counter, arguing that the services were over priced; a bunch of teenagers affiliated with the karaoke bar then confiscated the couples mobile phones and forced the ex-cop to withdraw money from his ATM to pay the bill.

Attaphan Jaithiang, the ex-cop, 42-years-old, had gone to eat and sing with his girlfriend at Melody Karaoke near Ngam Wong Wan road and after negotiations, got the price of the bill down to 16,350 baht, in which Melody Karaoke said was a special discount. Attaphan’s mobile phone was also taken from him.

He immediately informed police about the incident at Melody Karaoke.
The couple’s night had happened like this: they entered the karaoke room and ordered a Red Label with soda. They got two more call girls to come and join them. The four drank and ate and sang together until half past eleven, when the bill came.

The total amount was 30,000 baht, in which Attaphan refused to pay. The bar indicated that the call girls cost 10,000 baht each and that three of the candies cost 100 each. There were many more unusual charges.

After discounting the price down to 16,350 baht, Attaphan said he had only 7,000 baht. A bunch of bad-ass looking teens came into the room and threatened him to pay or else he’d get some bruises. The gang then took two mobile phones and forced him to withdraw money to pay - 8,000 baht was taken out. Afterwards, they let him go.
Attaphan still hasn’t received the two phones back and was obviously robbed by the restaurant.

The police said reports regarding Melody Karaoke had been previously received but weren’t investigated. They said last week a group of young adults went in and couldn’t pay the bill and had to leave their BMW for the restaurant. Another man had to leave a motorbike with the restaurant as a payment for his bill. Police will now investigate.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak