Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Anal Sex … Or Die!

Photo Courtesy of Khaosod

NONTHABURI – A male university student killed and mutilated the corpse of a gay man, stuffing the victims flesh into a big water tank. The killer and the victim knew each other from Camfrog and met up for sex. The killer asked for fellatio but the victim wanted anal. Angry, the student strangled the gay man to death, took his debit card, withdrew all his money, and stole his car. The killer went to buy a big knife and a large water tank in hope of hiding the dead body but was unable to evade police capture.

Police arrested the 20-year-old university student, Mr. Nutt Chayanon, and seized one mobile phone, a car key to a Toyota Camry 2.0G, a laptop, and a digital camera.

Police said that Miss Sansinee Sommai informed the police that her brother, Mr. Thitirat Sommai, 37-years-old, had disappeared.

When Mr. Chayanon, the killer, withdrew the money from Krung Thai ATM in front of a 7-11, he was tracked down, and later taken into custody.

Mr. Chayanon confessed that he had known the victim from Camfrog and had met up at a shopping mall where the victim asked if he could suck Mr. Chayanon off for 1,000 baht. Mr. Chayanon agreed and they both went to a private room.

After oral sex, the victim was desperate for anal sex but Mr. Chayanon, the killer, said no. The two got into a big argument and fought; the killer jumped the victim and strangled him to death. After that, he went to buy two water tanks and a sharp knife at Big C’s convenient Store.

Next, he went back to the room and sliced the corpse into fine pieces, filling the two tanks with the victims flesh, before hiding them in an abandoned house in Nonthaburi, near his premises.

Police were later informed of the discovery of the two water tanks full of flesh. They found two blue 100-litre plastic tanks inside the house, lids carefully closed. Even experienced police officers became sick when they opened the plastic tanks containing the putrid flesh. The first tank had the lower body, a chunk of the victim’s waistline, two legs, and a pair of knees. Also in the same tank was a black trash bag containing both arms and a chunk of shoulder. Officers felt like they were playing some kind of gruesome jigsaw puzzle.

The second tank, they found the victims head submerged in a pile of bloated flesh.
Officers decided to empty the tank, and found the torso, stomach, and intestines along with other internal organs at the bottom. The victim’s mouth had been taped and underneath they found the blanket used to wrap the body.

“It was extremely gruesome. I have never smelt anything rot like that.” Colonel Theerasak Sriprasert expressed his disgust.

Later at the police station, when asked of the motivation, Mr. Chayanon, the 20-year-old killer explained the situation with simplicity. “Do you really, really want to know the truth?! He wanted to do me up the anus! I was happy with him sucking my cock. But anal is just absurd!”

Is that so? Is that the only thing that’s absurd?

Courtesy of Khaosod

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak