Monday, October 12, 2009

Famous Panda Fell From Chair But Wasn’t Hurt

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

BANGKOK – Lin Ping, a famous baby Panda, left its enclosure to go on a long sunbath. Enjoying the good life, Lin Ping forgot some basic motor skills and fell off a chair. But we don’t need to panic, everything is okay.

Lin Ping was the name given to the panda after millions of people voted in a poll. Lin Ping’s mother is Lin Hui; a real big mama. Like the boy, Keiko Sato (story from a few days ago), Lin Ping has become a recent Thai media phenomenon, cushioning the stressful realities facing Thai society. Lin Ping is providing the much needed comic relief. Since birth, from when it was just a hairless rat-looking thing, to now, the dignified coat covered cutie with stripy black eyes; the media has followed every movement of Lin Ping’s life. In the photo above Lin Ping is dizzy from rolling around too much.

Lin Ping was recently the co-presenter at a lucky number plate auction.

Anyhow, this morning, the vet brought Lin Ping out for a sunbath session, and let it wander around the garden for half an hour before it was returned to the enclosure for some mother-milk-sucking.

Journalists examined the panda and announced that Lin Ping’s weight was still 10,360 grams, and its height, 78 centimeters. Lin Ping hadn’t changed much since the last inspection but its feet had grown by 1 centimeter. The panda's overall health is good too. Lin Ping showed no signs of missing its mother, and totally embraced the special occassion.

The highlight of the day was when Lin Ping fell off a seat. It climbed from behind the seat and did a front flip roll off the chair. The caretaker said that Lin Ping was not hurt.

So… this is the story that made today’s front page: “Lin Ping Fell off a Chair.”

This panda is Thailand’s latest media gag so laugh while you can and before you actually stop and think about it.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak