Monday, August 31, 2009

Dogs Are Being Grilled

Photo Courtesy of Khaosod

AYUDTHAYA – Local Thais have had enough with Cambodian laborers who have hunted dogs for their barbeque dinners. Villagers have seen them chase dogs with long knives, slashing at them from behind. The lucky ones have been saved by people who have informed the city’s animal rescue team. Others haven’t been so lucky, like the dog in the photo above, now paralyzed after sustaining spinal chord damage.

Villagers reveal that Cambodians in labor camps have been hunting dogs and grilling them like Peking ducks without thinking about how Thai people feel about it. In stark contrast to these dog eaters, there was an incident in Surin, another city, where a clothing store caught on fire and a dog was left inside - the owner went back in the store and was burnt alive with the dog.

On August 28th, a reporter was informed that Mr. Thiti Homthaet, 34-years-old, a member of Ayudthaya’s rescue team, saved a Thai-breed dog from being hunted down. The dog was slashed by Cambodians before being sent to a nearby vet. The dog was male, a Thai breed, and 2-3 years-old, with a light brown coat. He weighed around 15 kilograms and groaned in pain from the 15 cm deep wound near its tail. The dog’s spinal chord had been severed at the rear.

Mr. Thiti revealed that the night of August 26th, on the side of Ayudthaya-Nakorn Luang road, villagers witnessed several Cambodian workers holding long knives, chasing the dog. The dog ran into a bush on the side of the road, and luckily, heavy rain poured down and the dog hunters retreated. On the afternoon of August 27th, people reported seeing the dog lying in the mud on the roadside.

A rescue team found the dog breathing faintly and in a critical state. It was immediately sent to Krungsri Vet hospital in the city for first aid.

Mr. Thiti said that the vet explained that the dog could not be saved due to having inadequate surgical equipment. The dog’s spinal chord and several other nerves endings need to be reattached before the wound is stitched up. The vet told Mr. Thiti to prepare for the dog’s death. Mr. Thiti and several villagers didn’t give up and gathered money for medical fees, but the doctor was firm in the fact that the dog will not survive. Out of options, they took the dog back to the area near Sakae creek to take care of it in its last moment of life.

“We still believe that this dog will make it. So we named it Boonrod (Boon meaning merit and Rod meaning survive) because the dog has really tried its best to survive. We are scared that the dog will catch a disease or viruses through the wound, because right now the dog can only move its head but cannot move its body. When it needs to pee or poo, it does so lying in the exact same position. If anybody or any Vet in Bangkok has the right equipment to save Boonrod’s life, please contact me on 084-145-4855, or 035-244-182,” Mr. Thiti said.

After interviewing villagers, it was revealed that the area is occupied by foreign workers and laborers, working at the port near Phasak River. The area is also home to over a hundred Cambodian workers. The villagers claim to hear dogs moaning on a regular basis and said the Cambodians hunt down every dog they see and cook them in barbeques. The Cambodians seem to be getting more gruesome and cruel each day; recently they have found dead dogs to cook up, despite the warnings from people that the dog may be diseased.

It has been said that some Cambodians have event tried to buy village dogs for 100-200 baht each. There has been no proper investigation into this matter.

Doctor Ratthanachai Chulanet from Ayudthaya’s ministry of health said that the consumption of dog meat is possible and hygienic if the dogs are not diseased and that the meat must be cooked until it is no longer red. He further suggested, though, that people should avoid consuming dog meat because dogs are cute and people friendly and that Thai people don’t favor the killing of dogs.

Mrs. Jiraphan Pimphan, Ayudthaya’s chief of ministry of culture said that she understands the Cambodian diet and way of life. However, the Cambodians are now residing in Thailand, which is a Buddhist country, and they should adapt their lifestyles to fit the Thai culture. She further stated that the businesses and employers of these workers must enforce these standards. There is also a lack of animal protection laws for dogs and other pets - there are only laws for wild animals. She said the government should step in immediately to save these four-legged friends of ours.

Courtesy of Khaosod

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Teenaged Game Addicts Arrested For Stealing Over 100,000 Baht

Photo Courtesy of Khaosod

CHONBURI - At 02.00a.m. on August 28th, police major general Sirisak Wongwiwat and fellow officers arrested Bird (assumed name) 14-years-old, Frank (assumed name) 15-years-old, and Ton (assumed name) 16-years-old at an unidentified game store in Bangpra district.

Police officers were informed by Mr. Rungarun Aiemsawat, 42-years-old that while he was sleeping on the first floor of his two-storey home, 1,000 baht disappeared from his desk. A further 90,000 baht was missing from his Pajama pockets. Mr. Rungarun asked around the neighborhood, and people said that at 01.00a.m. three teenagers riding Suzuki motorbikes, had parked near his house. The kids had come from houses nearby. Mr. Rungarun informed police of the suspicious circumstances.

When the police went in search of the kids, none of them were home. They later learned that the kids were online games addicts and played day and night at a game store in Bangpra; their favorite rendezvous. The officers set up a surveillance team around the game store and waited for hours before the kids finished playing. When they came out, they were taken into custody. Shaken, the kids admitted to stealing Mr. Rungarun’s money by climbing into the house through a window. At first they stole 1,000 baht to invest in gaming and snacks. When they ran out, they decided to go back for more. The second time round, they stole 90,000 baht, dividing 10,000 each, and leaving the rest in a nearby forest. Mr. Rungarun was sound asleep while this happened, said one of the boys.

The police later dug up 66,700 baht in cash from the forest, which had been planted in the ground by the kids. They also admitted to stealing money from the house on many other occasions but never such a large sum. Every time they stole the money, Mr. Rungarun was deep asleep and didn’t hear a thing. The stolen money was invested in online game items such as swords and avatars, and for snacks like potato chips to accompany their habits. The kids admitted to their addiction to games, saying they played for hours day and night. “We needed the money to continue the journey, the world of games was waiting for us, we just wanted to play so badly,” said one of the kids.

Courtesy of Khaosod

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hose Left In Patient For Five Years

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

BANGKOK – A 25 cm long hose was found in a patient’s stomach after a feckless surgeon left it there five years earlier. Sriwichai Hospital refused to accept responsibility for the botched surgery. The hospital chief head confirmed that the doctor had left the hose inside the patient’s stomach but argued that the patient was transferred to another hospital before the hose had to be taken out. He also insisted that the doctor did not forget.

Mr. Suriya Srisuksong, an uncle of Miss Suwaree Chatraphiwat, 23-years-old, the patient, put a complaint through to the ministry of public health - twenty of his relatives and friends also supported the complaint. Miss Chatraphiwat and her family were furious when they discovered the 25 cm long hose lodged in her bladder after an x-ray.

Mr. Suriya said that on August 20th, he took Miss Suwaree to Kasemrad Hospital in Bang Kae, Bangkok using gold card health insurance because she had a very bad stomachache and could not urinate. The first few days at the hospital proved no cause of pain, so the doctor decided to x-ray her stomach. They found a 25 cm long hose inside her bladder along with a lump of calculi. The hose had been left there for five years.

Mr. Suriya recalled that Miss Suwaree had been admitted to Sriwichai Hospital to remove a bullet head after being mistakably shot in 2004. They, however, did not know the doctor had inserted a hose inside her stomach. Kasemrad Hospital, where Miss Suwaree was transferred to, contacted Sriwichai Hospital for documents and profile records of the operation but Sriwichai only managed to send them a copy of the patients transfer papers. After many failed attempts at retrieving the information, Mr. Suriya decided to lodge complaints against Sriwichai Hospital.

Doctor Surapol Losiriwat, the head of Sriwichai Hospital stated that the patient had been admitted to the hospital after she was shot from behind: the bullet had pierced her spleen, and her condition was at the time critical. Medical teams saved her life and inserted a hose inside her bladder to drain out waste. When the patient recovered, the family requested for her to be transferred to Luangpor Taweesak hospital in Nakorn Phatom which was more affordable. Sriwichai hospital stated that they had informed the new hospital and medical officers in charge that the hose was inside the patient’s bladder.

The head of Sriwichai Hospital added that it is normal for this kind of treatment method to last for three to four weeks but that the patient was transferred before the appropriate date and was only at Sriwichai hospital for ten days. He insisted that the hospital the patient was transferred to is responsible for the hoses removal.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Friday, August 28, 2009

70-Year-Old Wakes Up From Death

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

ROI ET – It’s a miracle that an ex-police inspector and village chief, 70-years-old, in Roi Et woke up after hours of being dead. He was admitted to Roi Et hospital due to illness. After the doctors gave up reviving him, the old man woke up. Just like that.

In the afternoon of August 25th, a journalist was informed of wide-spread news that Mr. Gawin Saenun, an ex-police inspector and village chief in Roi Et, who died in hospital, had woken up from his death. Doctors allowed him to go home to rest. The journalist went to the man’s home to meet the old man.

Mr. Gawin Saenun was resting on a bed in front of the house, with Mrs. Nuphien Saenun, his wife, 62-years-old; Mr. Vichian Saenun, his son, 43-years-old; Mrs. Sangwian Pratumkhan, his daughter, 39-years-old; and Mrs. Rampai Matschit, his nephew, 44-years-old. Over ten relatives had gathered at the home. Mr. Vichian Saenun said that his father has suffered from severe diabetes, gall bladder infection, and gout disease for over seven years. He has been admitted to Roi Et hospital and other hospitals in town and in Bangkok for treatment several times before.

On August 22nd, Mr. Gawin felt severely fatigued and weary - his family sent him to Roi Et hospital. At 14.00p.m. on August 24th, one of the nurses informed the family that Gawin was in a coma. The doctor asked the family whether they wanted Gawin to die at the hospital or at home and requested the family to prepare payments to the hospital. Mrs. Rampai was the one who took the family to the hospital administration counter on the 1st floor of the building. At that time, Gawin had already stopped breathing. Relatives were already preparing for the funeral and had made transportation arrangements to take the body from the hospital to the funeral service.

However, a few hours later, Gawin suddenly opened his eyes and sat up, shocking his family and relatives who were crying in the room. The first thing he said was, ‘why is everybody crying?’ When Gawin was removed from his death bed, medical staff found large sweat stains on the sheets. He had somehow been sweating the whole time. Relatives then asked the doctor for Gawin to be allowed home, and their request was granted.

Vichian, the son, also said that when his father came home, he felt a lot more alive and refreshed than before, and most of his symptoms were absent. His wife asked him what he had seen in the time he wasn’t breathing. Gawin replied that he didn’t know and wasn’t feeling anything, but woke up curious as to why everyone he loved was crying around him. Nuphien, the wife, told the journalist that she will wait and see her husband’s condition for a while before the family and relatives will conduct a consolatory ritual for the old man according to the tradition to bring fortune to the family and Gawin’s health condition.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Monks At An Execution

Photo Courtesy of Khaosod - Story Courtesy of Matichon Online

NONTHABURI – It was time to bring out the bodies of two executed prisoners, but the Bang Kwang Ghost Door would not open. The officer had to use Sonax spray to grease the door frame and pry the door open with a crowbar in order to bring out the bodies. A monk from Bang Phrak Tai temple revealed that in the final minutes before the execution, a prisoner bawled and begged for mercy, while the other asked if he could hold onto the monk’s yellow robe.

The lethal injection was used today to execute two prisoners at Bang Kwang Central prison in Nonthaburi. Mr. Bandit Charoenwanit, 54-years-old and Mr. Jirawat Phumphuek, 45-years-old, both criminals with drug charges.

The correctional officer from the central prison came to inspect and repair the door connecting the prison to Bang Phrak Tai temple. The door is widely known among locals and prison officers as the ‘ghost door,’ – the single door used to transport bodies out of the prison.

Today, as the correctional officer brought the key to open the ghost door, it would not budge. Rust and stains had fused the door-frame and damaged the keyhole. The moving of the corpses was delayed – and people on the other side of the ghost door peeked through the key hole and watched as the guard officers unlocked the leg chains from the two prisoners; before they were loaded into donated coffins. Later, the officers had to use Sonax spray and a crow bar to take down the door.

The first body that came through the door was Mr. Jirawat Phumphuek; two of his relatives waited outside to see him. They carried a pot filled with incense, used in rituals to deliver the spirit to the after-life. Leading the ritual was Monk Sri Nonthawat, head monk of Bang Phrak Tai temple. Jirawat’s corpse was brought to rest inside the temple. The second body belonged to Mr. Bandit Charoenwanit, and was taken away in a van for religious practices in Fang Thon.

A school teacher, Mrs. Supida Phisamai, along with 80 grade seven and ten students from Nakorn Nonwittaya School also attended the ritual to witness the consequences of committing crimes and wrongdoings. It was seen as a lesson in the essence of Dharmic truth.

Monk Sri Nonthawat, head monk from Bang Phrak Tai temple who gave a final prayer to the two prisoners before they were executed, spoke of their final moments. Mr. Bandit Charoenwanit was deep in sorrow and cried his eyes out during the whole process. Mr. Jirawat Phumphuek, on the other hand, remained totally calm and silent. At the very last minute he asked the monk if he could hold onto his yellow robe.

“Attama (monk term meaning “I”) felt very sympathetic and empathetic towards the prisoners’ fates, but the essence of Karma is dependent on one’s own actions. No single person can erase or wash away their sins,” said Monk Sri Nonthawat.

Courtesy of Matichon Online

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mr. Seaweed Fortress Killed In Motor Cycle Accident

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

SUKHOTHAI – Forensics investigators examined the body of Mr. Sanom Phomsarai (meaning Seaweed Fortress), after he and his son, Mr. Thanongsak Phomsarai suddenly stopped and tried to reverse in the middle of a road. They were hit by an oncoming Toyota ‘Fortuner’. The son later died in hospital.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Prayut Jekphu, an investigative head officer in Sukhothai along with rescue teams attended the crash scene on bypass intersection Sri Samrong. There, they found a smashed Honda motorbike; plate number 943 lying on the gravel. Next to the bike lay the body of Mr. Sanom Phomsarai, 44-years-old from Phitsanulok.

The son, Mr. Thanongsak Phomsarai, 21-years-old, was also severely injured and sent to the Sawan Lok hospital (meaning heaven on earth hospital) where he later died.
The Toyota Fortuner, plate number 6699, from Lamphang was smashed around the front bumper. After questioning, the driver said the father and son suddenly stopped and reversed while traffic was moving at full speed. The reason they did this is still unknown.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Samurai Gang Arrested

Photo Courtesy of Bangkok Biz News

CHIANG MAI – A gang of under-18-year-old samurai wanna-be’s have been slashing motorcycle riders for weeks; slicing them and stealing their possessions. But today they were all arrested. One of the gang members is only 15-years-old - collectively, they have cut down five people in planned ambushes.

Today, Police Colonel Aksorn Wongyai from Maephing police station in Chiang Mai informed the press of the arrests of all three members of the gang which has come as a relief for troubled locals.

The members are Mr. Thaigaew Saephang, 18-years-old, Mr. Chanon Saewang, 18-years-old, and a 15-year-old boy who cannot be officially identified. The police confiscated their belongings which included, three Honda Wave motorcycles, one mobile phone, and 16 inch long Sexizo Samurai blades. They were charged with robbery and the intention to kill. They were arrested at Sri Kong Public Park in Chiang Mai.

One of the victims was Mr. Danai Kamlao 32-years-old. The victim was riding his motorcycle alone near Sri Kong Park when suddenly the samurai gang appeared behind him on their Honda Wave motorcycles. They rode up to him and knocked him off his bike; then sunk a samurai sword into his gut, and slashed his head and body – the victims left arm was left dangling from being only half chopped. Mr. Kamlao, however, managed to survive and was sent to hospital. The gang stole his wallet containing a few hundred baht, his mobile phone, and the motorbike he was riding.

According to Colonel Aksorn, the samurai gang typically gathered at the park and waited for someone to pass before they attacked. When the opportunity presented itself, they would target their victims and slash them to near death before stealing the little money they carried. Afterwards, they would use the money to go chill at a karaoke bar.

Police considered reducing the sentences because of the age of the culprits but have since stuck to their decisions after investigating the brutal history of the group.

During their arrests at the station, one of the raging victims who recovered came and punched the 15–year-old straight in the face.

Courtesy of Bangkok Biz News

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Day in Child Trafficking

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

SONG KLA – Police arrested a Thai-Burmese mother who sold her one-day-old son to clear a 50,000 baht debt - the child was sold by the traders for a further 80,000 baht. The agency insisted they did it for the sake of the child. Meanwhile, the mother pulled a naïve expression and said she thought the people who bought her child would take care of the boy as though he were part of their own family.

Police major Phichet Jannu from Sadao police station in Song Kla arrested Miss Nan Laogan, 32-years-old, and Mrs. Narumon Phianthaisong, 37-years-old. Together, they were interrogated and charged with human trafficking.

From the interrogation, police learnt that while Miss Laogan was seven-months pregnant, she had met Narumon through a friend. The two became close and made a deal to sell the child after she gave birth. The mother did not have money to look after the child. Miss Laogan made a 50,000 baht deal to sell her child, hoping he would be taken care of. Narumon, feared that Laogan would change her mind, and continued to lend her money to lure her in: loaning 37,000 baht, plus 10,400 baht for birth hospital fees, totaling at 47,400 baht. Narumon also charged Miss Laogan for caretaking fees of 300 baht per day until the birth of the child.

On August 17th, Narumon had taken Miss Laogan to give birth at Hat Yai hospital. Narumon stayed by Nan’s side the whole time, waiting for the baby. As soon as she gave birth, Narumon took the baby home with her. She was selling the baby to Mrs. Undy, a Malaysian, for 80,000 baht. However, police caught her beforehand after receiving an anonymous tip off.

Narumon herself had done this kind of trading several times before, selling babies to big traders and other well-paying individuals in Kuala Lumper. Narumon insisted she only did it for the children so they wouldn’t starve.

Miss Laogan defends her actions, saying she was not child trafficking because she believed that her child would have a better life.

Major Phichet charged both of them with illegal human trafficking. They will remain in custody until the court finalizes the case. The child has been sent to child protection services and is living in a welfare community in Song Kla.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Definition of a Split Face

Photo Courtesy to Anonymous Distributor

BANGKOK – A woman jumped from the third floor of a famous esplanade shopping complex in Ratchada district, Bangkok. Her head was split in half as her face met the ground. She had allegedly walked around the balcony for over an hour before deciding to end her life.

Police Lieutenant Jiratchai Supwiratbanya, from Huay Kwang police station, was informed of the suicide. He immediately went on site, along with forensic and medical teams. At the ground floor of the complex, outside a discount clothes store, laid the body of the suicide victim.

Security guards at the complex had allegedly relocated the body to the esplanade outside - causing quite a dispute from police and forensic teams as the corpse was not in its original position. The guards insisted that they had received permission from Huay Kwang police station.

No details regarding the deceased’s identity has been released to the media.

Notable damage was sustained to the suicide victim’s face and cranium which was split in half from the impact. Next to her body was a black Prada bag. The officers also found her shoes on the second floor of the complex.

Mr. Chanon Rungrueng, a mobile phone clerk working on the third floor said he saw the woman walking around the balcony, looking hesitant. A time passed and Mr. Rungrueng didn’t think anything of it, when suddenly the woman climbed over the glass railing and leaped from the balcony.

Police officers have confirmed that the incident was a suicide based on eye witnesses and footage taken from surveillance cameras. The woman’s handbag contained no further evidence.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

*Note: This is a republished article of the suicide at Esplanade, Ratchada Thailand, in June following gruesome follow-up images.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gay Melee Leads To Pulped Testicles

SAMUT PRAKHAN – The apartment block was three-stories high and the murder had taken place in a room on the third floor. Inside the room, Mr. Prasarn Phumsin, 46-years-old, lay face down in blood. His lower body had been stripped naked; his anus, plugged with bits of cotton wool; and a brown towel had been tied around his neck.

At 03.00a.m., police lieutenant Banjong Charnsri from Samut Prakarn’s main police station filed a report on the murder of a man at room 24, Khamnanim Phaemo.

When police removed the towel, they discovered several stab wounds to the man’s neck; in addition to a lesion on the right side of his chest; the man’s upper body and forehead had sustained heavy bruising from being struck multiple times with a hard object. Stab wounds were found on both of his thighs.

The man’s penis and testicles were mashed from repeated crushing with a blunt and weighted object. Forensic officers said the victim had been dead for two hours.

Mr. Champee Boonmeemak, 41-years-old, a neighbor living in room 25 next door to the murder scene, said he heard loud thumping, the shattering of glass, and finally a man’s wild scream at around half past one a.m. It became silent shortly after that.

The victim’s room had been trashed – shattered beer bottles, dirty jeans, and lottery guide books written by famous lottery masters were strewn around the apartment. There were also ancient scriptures dealing with the summoning of lottery numbers, stacked up next to his bed. To the side of these scriptures were stacks of real estate brochures and magazines. Detectives believe the man was a lottery fanatic and are now searching these items for evidence.

Champee, the next door neighbor, later heard the sound of a door being locked. He got up and peeked through the eye hole of his front door and saw a fat man carrying a plastic bag; he was aged around 30, approximately 170 cm’s tall, and wore short white pants and a black t-shirt. The suspect rushed downstairs and jumped over a wall.

Afterwards, Champee called the apartment caretaker to check the room after suspecting a crime had taken place. The door was locked so they kept on knocking for a while, but Mr. Prasarn didn’t come to open. They finally had to cut down the thick chain key with a chainsaw and barged in. Mr. Prasarn was lying dead on the floor.

Police officers said the victim was a local real estate agent working in the villages of Samut Prakarn; and a lottery enthusiast who may have been a master considering he owned professional lottery calculation equipment.

People living in the apartment block were aware that the victim had many sexual partners: different men were over almost every night. It is understood that the victim had brought the culprit back to his home on the night of the crime. Police believe that an argument ensued after intercourse.

The culprit used a beer bottle to strike the victim before shoving the bottle up his anus. The victim tried to fight back, but the culprit grabbed a fruit knife and stabbed the victim’s neck several times. He also stabbed his chest and legs.

After that, the culprit wrapped the victim’s neck with a brown towel and began to strangle him with it. He wanted to make sure he was dead. To add a final touch, he reached for the beer bottle again; spread the victim’s legs open and continuously struck the victim’s penis and testicles with the blunt end of the bottle. The impacts had been so great that the bottle shattered and the victim’s loins were left as nothing more than pulp.

The killer, afterwards, went for a shower, and used all the shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom before he escaped. He must have left smelling good.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Friday, August 21, 2009

Demented Principal Is On the Lam

SI SA KET - A mother took her child to report on a school principal in Si Sa Ket who pummeled the child in a brutal school yard attack. The kid had lain helplessly on the ground as the principal warned him to keep things quiet. The boy received the beating for failing to attend a class.

Police Lieutenant Pichit Chiaplaem from Phu Sing police station in Si Sa Ket was informed by the mother of a sixth grade boy that her son had been violently punished by a school principal. The mother’s child was struck in the ear multiple times – and has suffered severe damage to his ear drum.

The mother explains that her son missed school to attend the funeral of a relative; and that the school then sent a teacher to follow him. The teacher tried to force the child back to school twice.

The first time, the boy refused; but the second time, he succumbed. The teacher, sent by the principal, forced the child into a school uniform and led him back to school to be punished.

The next morning, her son did not leave his bed and the mother entered his room to find him lying sick in bed with a high fever. The boy told her mother that he had been punished by the principal. When the mother realized the extent of the punishments, she decided to inform police.

From an interview, the boy recalled the incident, saying he was asked to go to the canteen where the principal was waiting. The moment the boy entered, and without saying a word, the principal struck the centre of the child’s ear with the palm of his hand; the force sent the boy to the floor.

The demented principal stood over the boy and pummeled him in the stomach – the boy was winded, and then passed out. The principal yelled into his face and told him to never tell anybody about the incident. Several student friends came to help the victim up and carried him to a resting spot while the principal walked away.

The boy was then sent to the hospital where he received treatment of his injuries. The police are ready to lays charges against the principal.

However, the principal is now on the lam. Teachers and officers do not know where the culprit went. No one with information has come forward as yet, but some say he escaped to the mountains. The police are in pursuit.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Doggies United Sing National Anthem Daily: Mornings & Evenings

Photo Courtesy of Mthai News Online

TRAT – Eight dogs in Trat have been banding together every morning and evening to howl along to Thailand’s national anthem – together they are the ‘Doggies United’! The owner perceptively suggests that Thai politicians should learn from these gifted canines.

On August 17th, a journalist visited a home in Trat belonging to Mrs. Wassana Yamkamon, 55-years-old, and her eight dogs; most of them Thai breeds. Every morning and evening at 8.00a.m. and 6.00p.m., when the Thai national anthem is played around the country on radios, and televisions, the eight form a doggie orchestra and howl harmoniously with the anthem. They have been doing this for many years, says Mrs. Yamkamon.

Mrs. Yamkamon says she didn’t realize or notice that her eight dogs were interested in the Thai national anthem. She simply thought it was natural for dogs to howl in response to others dogs. But as the howling became more defined and constant, Wassana paid closer attention and realized that the timing of her doggies was in sync with the national anthem. In the morning, a female dog named Pui would lead her vocal into the song, before the others joined in until the anthem finished.

“At first, I thought it was natural for dogs to howl, so I didn’t think anything unusual. I even used to scold them for being so loud with it [Laughs]. But later on, I started to realize that it wasn’t just random howling,’ says Mrs. Yamkamon, ‘I listen to news on the radio and watch news on TV every morning and evening, and the moment the clock hits eight o’clock and six o’clock Peng Peng! My dogs form a choir! So I was like wow! This is no ordinary doggie Karaoke! [Laughs] Most interestingly though, for the evening schedule of the anthem, a female dog named Pui would do the lead vocal. So…that’s when I realized they were in fact singing to the national anthem.”

The dogs gather in front of the TV or the radio and have never missed a daily schedule.

“I would like to tell all Thai people, especially those corrupt Thai politicians with despicable behavior – oh’ so selfish and disrespectful to the country they are - to be put to shame by our four legged friends. These dogs don’t even understand our language or anything but they still are so loyal to the anthem. I think we humans should be able to do better,” Mrs. Yamkamon added.

Courtesy of Mthai News Online

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hint 3: Banana Tree Sprouts Fruit at the Roots

CHONBURI – Villagers were thrilled about strange bananas growing at the foot of a banana tree. There were eight bananas in total. Village lottery analysts were attempting to decode the bananas manifestations but tree experts have suggested that the occurrence is normal for unhealthy banana trees.

Mrs. Thongyoo Kongngam, 68-years-old, a rice seller in Chonburi, explained that she found eight bananas growing from the ground in a close bunch. Nearby, another weird banana tree had sprouted from the soil and appeared to be patterned with pink and green shades. Many people have come for prayer and have already won lotteries.

Husband and wife, Mr. Manoon Inthachot, 52-years-old, and Mrs. Chamnian Inthachot, 51-years-old, are the owners of the house where the bizarre banana trees are growing. They said that at the beginning of 2005 they built the house and planted banana seeds during a house ceremony. After four years the seeds grew into nine banana trees and bared fruit continuously. Recently they witnessed something unusual: bananas growing from the ground and a pink and green tree that cultivated on its own nearby. The events caused such a stir in the couple that they invited people from town to their home – people have banded together with candles, flowers and prayer.

Mr. Manoon also said that his business has done extremely well since the banana trees appeared. One of his employees has won many lotteries since coming to work at his home. Most recently, his employee named Ae, bought only one lottery slip but won 2nd prize and over 200,000 baht in cash. Mr. Manoon himself has won five lotteries all together. After receiving this fortune, the couple arranged a ceremony to pray for the spirits residing within the banana trees and constructed a fence around the bananas for protection.

Plant experts have put forward a more scientific explanation. They say that the banana tree is lacking in nutrients and has not formed a full body as result. A similar reason is behind the bananas growing at the foot of the tree instead of up high. Villagers have ignored these deductions and continue to wrap colored cloth around the bananas and insist on continuing to pray for lottery numbers.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Hint 2: Pterocarpus Macrocarpus Has Given Three Jackpots in a Row

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

CHONBURI – Desperate lottery freaks hurried to the golden Pterocarpus Macrocarpus tree to scratch for lottery numbers in front of Bueng Bon temple in Chonburi. One of the crazed individuals standing at the tree revealed that the Macrocarpus had given numbers to three lottery jackpots in a row. In the recent August 1st release, a villager scratched and rubbed the tree until he got the number 986. The number hit the underground lottery bonanza and the person won over 100,000 baht in prize money.

At 10 p.m. on August 14th a reporter dropped by the temple where the frenzy was taking place. The atmosphere was that of a big festival with countless people gathering up around the tree; excited and frantic. Present also, were many lottery gurus who had come from all over the country – from the north and south and east and west. They had all come for a scratch of the tree. Hundreds and hundreds of candles and incenses burned around the tree, filling the area with grey smoke. Nobody seemed to be worried about smoke inhalation.

Mr. Somchai Phantayutthi, 52-years-old, a plant merchant with a shop near the golden Macrocarpus says that many people, including lottery players who frequent the tree, are especially wild during the time nearing the monthly lottery release. Many thousands of people will typically bustle in and out of the temple at that time. At last months draw, one person won with the number 986 as a result of scratching the golden tree. This time, some people have already discovered the number from the tree. However, they’re keeping it a secret. We’ll have to wait until the next release to find out!

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Hint 1: Ayudthaya’s Locals Plead for Lottery Numbers from a Golden Eel

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

AYUDTHAYA – Ayudthaya locals rushed to see a golden eel in order to crack the numbers of the next lottery. The owner of the eel revealed he caught the piece of magic in Bang Bann creek. He said the golden eel will surely bring happiness and wealth to his family.

At address number 44, Area 1, Bang Bann district, Ayudthaya, villagers were eager to pay a visit to the golden eel. A reporter traveled to the residence after being informed of the town’s latest phenomenon. On the ground floor of the house, dozens of villagers surrounded a fish tank containing the golden eel measuring at 75 centimeters and weighing around 600 grams. At the bottom of the tank were special pebbles used to maintain high levels of oxygen. The eel looked strong and lively.

Mr. Boonloet Phiandee, 43-years-old, owner of the eel said yesterday that at around two p.m. he went out fishing on a boat in Bang Bann creek. He noticed the golden eel swimming near the edge of the stream and thought it was fate giving him the opportunity to own the miraculous creature; he successfully caught it and brought it back home. He said there was always a mythical story about a golden eel living in the creek and that he feels great pleasure from being the one to discover and captured it. He believes this is an important sign of fortune for his family.

The villagers on the other hand, deciphered lottery number 81 and 72, after intensely observing the golden eel and the way it was swimming. 81 72…

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Drunken Driver Bites Officers Fingers

Photo Courtesy of Khaosod

UDONTHANI – A drunken salesman was driving in Udonthani when police caught sight of his careening vehicle. The man refused to blow into a breathalyzer and instead bit the finger of the officer administering the test. The salesman then accelerated, sending his bronze Toyota pick-up through a police barrier.

When police caught up to him after a high-speed chase, they found he was highly intoxicated and lacking in coherence. He insisted that his bite was a ‘playful’ one and that he had not intended on causing harm. He was charged with three convictions: resistance to police inspection and assault against an officer, as well as drunk driving.

At 12.30 a.m. Police Captain, Chansak Thepwongsa, along with road traffic officers stationed in Udonthani, arrested Mr. Chatsak Ploycharoen, 36-years-old, at the front of Thongkam Soi.

Captain Chansak stated that while he was setting up a barricade for vehicle inspection, he spotted a pick-up truck heading towards him. The vehicle had been suspicious because it was swerving from side to take and took over two or three lanes on the road.

The police officers immediately stopped the vehicle and ordered the man to do a breathalyzer test. The man refused and bit officer Phanomporn’s left arm. Officer Pongpreeda went to assist him but was also bitten; the man tore the flesh off of his index and middle fingers.

The bites were bone deep and both officers were sent to hospital while police pursued the drunken salesman in a high speed chase. They caught him at the front of Soi Thongkam and arrested him.

After being interrogated, the finger biter said he was a salesman travelling the country making sales. On the night of the incident, he happened to be selling his products in Udonthani, and was driving back to his hotel after partying with friends. When he reached a roundabout and saw police barricades, he fled fearing that it would impact on his sales work. He further insisted the biting was ‘playful’ and his intention was merely to excite officers.

Courtesy of Khaosod

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mother Stabs Baby with a Fruit Knife

Photo Courtesy of Khaosod News

SURAT THANI (Samui Island) – Why is it always with a fruit knife? At 3.30 p.m. Lieutenant Colonel Phongkajon Suksang was informed by Samui International Hospital that a new born baby had been stabbed to death. However, the hospital was not the scene of the crime.

Police officers arrived at the mother’s workplace where she had given birth to the child in her employee apartment. She was found on the ground and was immediately sent to Samui Hospital. The baby was male and healthy but had been stabbed repeatedly in the chest and stomach with a fruit knife shortly after birth.

The mother’s name is Miss Narinrat Pinitmonthri, 20-years-old, from Udonthani. She is an employee of Long Beach Lodge Hotel. As she gave birth to her child on the toilet floor, she reached for a fruit knife and stabbed her baby to death. She then yelled for help next door, at which point staff members called for an ambulance; the hospital in turn informed police of the suspicious circumstances.

Forensics attending her apartment discovered a pool of blood on the bathroom and bedroom floors. They also found the murder weapon: a yellow-handled fruit knife with a blade measuring at 22 centimeters. The knife was etched in blood and had been placed on one of the bedside tables after the killing.

According to a friend of the young mother, Narinrat had been extremely upset that her boyfriend showed no interest in her or the baby – in her early stages of pregnancy, he had never been around.

On the day of the incident, Narinrat suddenly felt that the baby coming - and her boyfriend was not there to take her to the hospital. Narinrat had no choice but to birth to the child in her bathroom. Full of anger and disappointment towards her boyfriend, she grabbed a fruit knife and stabbed the child to death.

Authorities are keeping a close eye on her recovery in hospital as they wait to charge her with murder.

Courtesy of Khaosod News

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mythical Serpent Personified In Palm Tree

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

SUKHOTHAI – Villagers were astounded by a batch of coconut palms resembling the Great Naga: a mythical serpent believed to probe the depths of the Mekong River. The tree had grown in odd serpent-like strands; the undulations not typical of an average coconut palm.

The discovery was made on a coconut farm in Sukhothai, where villagers lit candles and incenses and prayed for good fortune.

A reporter went to Sukhothai today to see the Naga tree for himself. At 48 Bann Yom Yai Area 2, he came to a single storey hut raised on stilts at the heart of a coconut farm. The Naga tree was placed on a table for inspection: the feather-leaved palms appeared to be around one meter in length, and freshly green.

Mr. Pradit Boontharaksa 35-years-old, and owner of the farm allegedly discovered the tree on one side of the river near the house; it stood at 20 meters tall and sprouting from the crown were long Naga-like leaves.

Pradit hadn’t paid much attention to the tree at first. But one night, a Naga came to him in his dreams and had a long talk with him about its arrival; there were also other things that Pradit cannot remember clearly. After discussing the dream with his neighbor, he decided to cut down the crown of the palm and bring it home.

The whole village heard about the story and hurried to Pradit’s house where ceremonious praying took place.

Pradit said he will keep the Naga tree at his house as a symbol of fortune. He is expecting a lot of good luck.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Dead Are On Display: No Cover Charge

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

PHUKET – These three stragglers were shot dead near a high school in Phuket. As for the medical personnel standing behind them, well, it looks like some sort of perverted family reunion photo.

Mr. Thia, 50-years-old (with an unknown last name), Mr. Govit Nongmanee, 36-years-old, and Mr. Somsak Rodchuay 30-years-old were all killed in a swift execution by an unknown gunman.

The triggerman got out of his pick-up truck and fired a barrage of shots with his .38, nailing the three victims at close range. They didn’t even have time to gargle their own blood. The killer fled to Phuket’s city centre at 12.30 a.m.

Lieutenant Colonel Boonloet Onklang managed the case and attended the crime scene near Phuket City High School.

The Colonel, his investigative officers, along with Phuket’s Rescue Foundation and the Wachira Phuket Hospital medical team were all on site.

The crime scene showed that the killings had been abrupt - a bottle of Leo beer and two plastic cups sat on a granite table with a bowl of fish balls, two lighters, and a water bottle lid. Under the table, near one of the granite seats, five other bottles lay flat at the feet of Mr. Thia who was sitting slumped in his chair with his head tilted backwards. He was wearing a blue Chelsea soccer jersey, a loincloth, and he sort of looked relaxed - he had been shot in the left cheekbone and blood had spilled into strange patterns across the front of his jersey.

Next to Mr. Thia was Mr. Govit Nongmanee, who had been a driver working at Sawasdee T. Kharon hotel. His body lay face up and he was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of cream-colored shorts. His legs were splayed and his torso was twisted at a strange angle; he had his left arm across his chest and his right hand was above his head. He had sustained an exit wound to the upper body.

Next to Mr. Govit was Mr. Somsak Rodchuay from Nakhon Ratchasima province; he also lay face up and was wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans. His right arm was across his chest and his left arm lay to his side. He had been shot in the head - the image of the crime scene was one of chilling repose.

The police were later informed of a surviving victim, sent to Wachira Phuket hospital after being shot in the left side of his neck. He was identified as Mr. Yothin Singsathosit, 35-years-old.

The house where the victims had been drinking belonged to Mr. Thia, the first victim. While they were enjoying themselves, a man aged between 30 and 40 years, drove a black Toyota Vigo pick-up to the house, got of the car and rushed at the victims firing rapid shots. The culprit then fled towards the city centre. Police initially believed that a personal grudge was the motivation behind the crime but have since discovered that at least two of the victims were shot in order to be silenced.

The killer is still on the loose but police insist he will be visiting a jail cell very soon.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dark Molds Envelop Skin Of Young Girl

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

PHETCHABUN – Nisakorn Thanurak or Nim as other villagers’ call her, is from Issarn Samakee in Phetchabun. Nim has a rare disease that pervades the skin with black spots and seed-like growths. In the photo above you can see how the dark molds have enveloped her.

Her condition is deteriorating as inflammations spread, making her skin extremely irritable – however, she knows to avoid scratching at all costs.

With clogged pores and the incessant feeling of being hot and itchy, Nim lives in front of fans and air conditioners.

Her grandmother used to take her to Chulalongkorn Hospital for medical advice but doctors told her that the disease was incurable. The family doesn’t have money for treatments that could control the spread either.

Four-year-old Nim was recently discovered by a journalist after information came from a news source. The journalist travelled to Nim’s residence: a single story wooden house on stilts, with corrugated tin roofing - and it turns out that Nim is living there with her grandmother Mrs. Nujaree Thupthimthai, 46-years-old, and her great grandmother Mrs. On Namsongkram.

After inspecting the girl’s body, the journalist reported seeing black molds that had fused along the top of her skin; as well as seed-like growths all over her body. Her neck had prominent lumps the size of large toes.

Nim says that these bulges give her the worst itches.

Nujaree, the grandmother, revealed Nim to be the daughter of Mr. Aphidej Thanurak, 30-years-old, and Mrs. Thitima Promwiang, 20-years-old. Both her parents reside in another city and pursue their careers. They come back once in a while to visit her.

Nim’s upbringing has been left to her grandmother.

Nim is currently attending kinder garden at the Young Children’s Development Centre at Bann Wang Bod.

Six months after Nim was born, black rashes appeared on her body. The family admitted her to hospital where she received monthly check-ups. However, the appointments were soon reduced to twice a year with doctors advising Nim to avoid skin injuries as infections could be fatal.

During the interview, Nim appeared to be in constant pain as she itched and complained of the humidity in the weather. A fan was set up to cool her body.

Due to the clogging of sweat pores, Nim is unable to sweat as normal people do. The heat and extreme irritation causes her to have dramatic mood swings and Nim suffers the full psychological effects of living with the disease.

The grandmother said that after many failed attempts at inferior medical treatments,
Nim has lived on and struggled day by day. The family’s is not financially equipped to save her and have made numerous requests for donations.

The journalist covering the story reported the situation to Wang Bod district’s Administrative minister, Mr. Thanin Sawantha, for assistance.

Thanin stated that he had already been informed of Nim’s case and has assisted the family with financial aid. He will also contact the welfare department for assistance in an effort to send Nim to proper treatment – even if a cure hasn’t as yet been found.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Elephant Lands In Urban Booby Trap!

Photo Courtesy of Matichon Online

RAYONG – Here’s a story about Plaiplu, a three-year-old elephant that fell through a steel grate into a two meter deep drain. It’s a sob story with a delightful ending!

The baby elephant was walking with its owners in front of Rayong Palace hotel, on Ratchabumroong road when a grate buckled and broke from underneath the elephant. It took three hours to rescue Plaiplu!

At 1:20p.m., a journalist reported that Mr. Chaiyon Sriboon, 27-years-old; and brother of Chaiyon, Mr. Thanatip Sriboon, 20-years-old; along with Mr. Wut Yeerum, 18-years-old, had been taking the elephant for a stroll and selling bananas and bags of bamboo.

Traditionally, people would buy these items from the owners and then feed the elephant.

As the group was traveling, they came across a grate measuring one by one meters; and a drain two meters deep. The baby elephant stepped onto it and fell through the grate; its whole body became stuck in the drain, leaving only its head above ground.

The baby elephant moaned in pain for three hours in front of the Rayong Palace Hotel in Rayong – a cry that many will never forget.

Faced with the media, one of the elephant owners, Mr. Wut Yeerum claimed to be the nephew of Tony Jaa, a famous fighter/actor from the movies, ‘Ong Bak’ and ‘Tom Yum Goong’.

However, no one really cared about who the boy was or who he was related to as they concentrated on the poor elephant stuck in the middle of the road.

The Pornguson Charity Group and the city’s firemen came to the scene and immediately set out on a mission to rescue Plaiplu! However, they had issues with the extraction as little Plaiplu was a bit too heavy.

The rescue team used a massive concrete drill to bore holes around the elephant as emergency officers blocked off roads and redirected traffic. Over 100 people gathered around the elephant and began singing to cheer him on. Meanwhile, Plaiplu continued to cuss all sorts of elephant profanities for the better half of an hour.

A man with a guitar reportedly sang ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay.

Officers used the vehicle-mounted-drill to make holes around the drain Plaiplu was stuck in - and rescuers were eventually able to lift the him up from the drain.

Plaiplu’s condition was not too good and he was extremely fatigued after being stuck for three hours. The crowd joined in clapping and singing as he was being pulled up.

Courtesy of Matichon Online

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Husband Uses Drunken Fist to Placate Wife

TRAT – The 27-year-old man was drunk as he returned home from a funeral to his 36-year-old wife scolding him on the effects of alcohol addiction. He listened for a while as he opened a bottle of scotch. The man lined up shot glasses, shooting down one after the other.

When he was done, he stood up and swayed in the style of drunken fist. He grabbed his wife, who was still talking about alcohol addiction, and slammed her head into a cement pillar – poured another shot - then fly kicked her through a wall where she tumbled down to the edge of a creek behind the house.

A reporter wrote that before dawn today, Police Lieutenant Anocha Sansri stationed in Trat was informed of an incident where a victim was found dead in Thung Sao creek.

Police arrived on the scene to a cabana house with no unit number or official address.

The victim was found dead wearing a grey top, with blue jeans. Her name was Mrs. Lamai Thongnukro, aged 36; her head had been brutalized with kicks and punches and there was a large laceration above her right brow.

During investigations, Mrs. Boon Sukkranee, aged 60, mother of the victim, told police that the victim was home at around 11.30p.m.

Mr. Prathai Sammani, aged 27, and husband of the victim came home from a funeral in a drunken state. Loud arguments broke out but the mother dismissed it as the couples’ personal business and did not want to interfere.

At 3.30a.m., when Mr. Prathai, the husband, went to knock on the mother’s door, telling her to check out the dead body of his wife - the mother immediately called police.

The culprit admitted to killing his wife because he was angry at her for scolding him about drinking.

After he bashed his wife’s head into a cement post and fly kicked her through a wall, he went to sleep. At 3.30a.m. he woke up and was surprised to find that she was not sleeping next to him. He wondered where she had gone. ‘Hey!’ he yelled, ‘Come back to bed damn it!’

He looked around the house and discovered that a wall had been broken through. He looked through the broken wall, down into the shrubs, past a minor clearing, where his wife floated in the creek. He dragged her up to the edge and informed his mother in law.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goddess Hand Sprouts From Rose Pot

Photo Courtesy of Siangtai Daily

SONGKHLA - A journalist reports that villagers from Din Lan Place Moo 15, in Songkhla province, are transfixed by a strange mushroom that grew in the shape of a female hand.

The mushroom sprouted from a rose pot owned by Mrs. Somjai Thonggamgaew, aged 41.

White in color, the mushroom is said to be similar to the hand of Nang Kwak (a female spirit or household divinity in Thai folklore which brings prosperity). The mushroom has a repugnant odor similar to decaying flesh.

Mrs. Somjai, owner of the house where the Nang Kwak-mushroom was discovered, said the home reeked of rotten flesh for five days.

She tried to find the origin of the smell, suspecting a dead animal was in the house.

Mrs. Somjai looked in closets and drains and water pipes. But one morning, as she watered her plants she noticed a hand shaped mushroom protruding from her rose pot.

She had found the source of the smell and was shocked by the similarity between the shape of the mushroom and Nang Kwak’s hand.

Mrs. Somjai invited a Din Lan Temple monk to the house to meditate and communicate with the mushroom.

Mrs Somjai’s family are worried that the mushroom is a sign from their karmic messenger or household god.

When the monk came out of meditation, he informed the family that the Nang Kwak-mushroom was seeking reverence from the family. After hearing this, the family lit up candles and incenses – then prayed to the spirit - and prepared a bucket of holy water for everyone to drink. They also bought a statue of Nang Kwak to put on their shelf, in hope that good things will come to them.

Meanwhile, villagers stand outside the front gate of their house gossiping about the mushroom. They have employed the usual techniques to decipher future lottery numbers.

Courtesy of Siangtai Daily

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Monday, August 10, 2009

“Meat Just Sprinkled Everywhere.”

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

PATHUM THANI – At 7 am, Lieutenant Colonel Choetsak Naina of Pathum Thani police station reported that two kids had been run over by a bus, dead of course.

On Pathum Thani road, the Lieutenant and his team approached the scene of the accident to find Kittisak Charoenrat, aged 17, and Supasit Ketchit, aged 15, in unpleasant forms.

Both the victims had been students at the Military Craftsman School. A police officer summed up the carnage: ‘have you ever seen a meat lover’s pizza? You know, meat just sprinkled everywhere?”

A school bus, plate number 40-0758, was found parked in the middle lane, and a grey Honda Click, plate number 880, was jammed under the bus.

The bus driver, Mr. Somchai Thongyom, aged 44, made excuses for the horrific mess up. “I was… driving along until I reached the place where it happened. I think I noticed two motorbikes racing each other as I looked in the rear mirror and so quickly switched into the left lane.”

The bikers didn’t see another bike which was in front of the bus – and drove straight into it.

Mrs. Boonchuey Rungsaeng, aged 35, stated that while she was driving her motorbike to work, one of the two motorbikes from behind had knocked her down. She only suffered minor injuries.

The bike that ran into her lost balance and slid under the bus. The bikers were squished and torn apart.

The two kids were dragged for ten meters until they rolled out from under the bus.

The biker who had raced with the victims, was no where to be found. Police will seek further information but will most likely take the bus driver into custody.

“It wasn’t my fault,” the bus driver protested. But he wasn’t heard.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hostage Taker Poses For Camera

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

CHACHOENGSAO – Well, it all looks a little set up – and so does the news report.

On the afternoon of August 4th, Lieutenant Colonel Charin Ngamwongnoi, chief of police at Saenphudat Police station, with his team, approached Prasartwittaya School to try and rescue a child who had been taken hostage by a feral, drunken sex fiend.

They saw Mr. Narong Phutotam, aged 29, foaming at the mouth. It is also believed that he is an employee at a local shrimp farm.

Madly drunk, he grabbed Phanchagarn Srisom, a 10 yr old kid and held a knife to his neck. The boy attends second grade at a local school. Hostage negotiators employed the usual dialogue to try and calm the man down – but after two hours, they were back where they started.

Another couple of hours passed, before police found the right moment to tackle the mad man and bring him down. The kid got away safe but has been left traumatized due to the incident. No one has suggested counseling.

Hmm, so that was the report... Don’t you think Mr. Narong has serious potential in stand-up comedy? And maybe even the kid? He kind of looks like he’s having a good time. Actually, they could even be a duo called, ‘ The Hostage Takers!’ And maybe… it’s even a little weird this story actually got in the papers?

What do you think of the whole thing?

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ex-Husband Goes On Dick-Snipping Rampage

Photo Courtesy of Daily News

PHETCHABUN – The man's eyes welled up with tears and his fingers picked at leaves as he prepared for what was to come. With his face to the ground, he felt the cool muzzle of the gun pressed against the back of his head. But with a flash of inspiration, the culprit suddenly decided to do it all a little differently. He held the victim down, undid his belt and chinos, stripped him of his underwear; pulled a pair of shears from his back pocket and snipped off the victim’s Johnson before throwing it into a nearby fishpond. Oooops!

The victim writhed along the ground like a headless chicken while the culprit left in his pick-up truck. In the photo above, a woman at the hospital stares at the penis she knows is not there.

The ex-wife of the culprit revealed that she had only been with the victim for a month and that the culprit was her ex-husband. They had separated for a long time, so the incident came as a shock.

At 19.00 hours, Police Captain Chatri Senaphayung at Yoiwangchompoo Police Station in Phetchabun received a report on a man who had been attacked on a road side near Gamnan Jun farm.

On site, the captain and his team followed a trail of blood which led to the victim who was by then, dying of major blood loss. He was immediately sent to Phetchabun hospital.

The victim is known as Mr. Anan Nanok, age 36, a production employee of Saha Farm Co.,Ltd. He sustained severe head injuries from being struck with wooden planks, and his severed penis left only a stub. He groaned throughout medical treatment at the hospital.

When the victim’s condition was stable, he told police that before the incident, he had just come back from planting rice seeds with his girlfriend, (the ex-wife) Mrs. Kimphan Wankong, aged 44. They had been just 200 meters away from where he was attacked. As he rode home on his motorbike, ten people in a pick-up truck charged him holding knives and bats. They lunged at him and knocked him to the ground.

One of the culprits brandished a revolver and pointed it at the victims head. The culprit was about to pull the trigger when suddenly he changed his mind, turned to his friends and whispered something. They all laughed. The ten of them stripped the victim’s clothes off and held him down. One of the culprits reached for the victim’s scrotum and penis - then closed a pair of shears on them. The culprit threw the severed appendage into a nearby fishpond; then they all left in the pick-up truck. The victim recognized one of them as Mr. Lae Chamnanthup: his girlfriend’s ex-husband.

Mrs. Kimphan stated that Mr. Lae was her ex-husband who she had separated from years ago. She was allegedly horrified at the cruelty of what he had done and could not understand why it had happened. She and the victim had only been seeing each other for a month and have not extensively developed their relationship as the victim has not been in Phetchabun for very long.

Captain Chatri stated that all the culprits have since been identified. A reporter also added that the medical teams at Phetchabun hospital were unable to reattach the victim’s penis as it was never recovered from the fish pond.

Most likely eaten I’d say.

Courtesy of Daily News

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Friday, August 7, 2009

Gold Rush! 920 Gallstones Found In Lady Sets New World Record

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

NONG KHAI – If you stare at this photo for long enough you might start to feel a little hungry. The thought of someone having an abandoned mine shaft in their digestive tract, filled with nine hundred and twenty crystallized deposits is…uh… appetizing? Anyways, I’d recommend this story with a bit of egg on toast.

The chief administrator at Yuparatchathabo Hospital recently announced a new record in gallstone laparoscopy: 920 gallstones found in a woman from Nong Khai. The excavation set a new world record in gallstone extraction surgery.

The Thai surgeon pioneering this trendy procedure only took seventeen minutes to complete the operation. Word has spread fast and many rock-heavy Laotians are now swimming and boating across the Mekong River to get treatment. Some swimmers have sank in the deep water and warning signs have since been placed on the river side explaining that people should avoid swimming with rocks in their stomachs.

Doctor Wattana Parisri, the chief administrator of Yuparatchathabo Hospital in Nong Khai province, stated that in June, the hospital had the opportunity to participate in a health event in Vientiane, capital of Lao Peoples Democratic Republic. The Thai embassy in Vientiane assisted in setting up a medical booth at the event. Many Laotians showed great interest in the hospital’s health care services; and were particularly heavy on issues regarding the gallbladder and digestive tract.

Doctor Wattana also mentioned that in the last two to three years, Yuparatchathabo Hospital has had an increase in the number of medical services offered to Laotians coming from across the Mekong River to Thailand.

The increase has come as a result of the hospitals exalted reputation in gall bladder and liver gallstone surgery. Yuparatchathabo hospital also topped rankings in a number of other gallstone treatments with over 5,000 patients.

Approximately 10% of people over the age of forty in the eastern provinces of Thailand appear to have gallstones in their gall bladder or liver. Medical professionals are unsure why this is the case. It could be genetic; maybe it’s the drinking water; or perhaps people are having pebbles for dinner.

Doctor Wattana further stated that medical surgeons in Yuparatchathabo hospital are highly proficient in performing gallstone procedures. Using a laparoscope, operations are typically finished in 15 to 30 minutes. Patients are back at home within a few days. The wounds made for the laparoscopes are small and do not cause much pain.

Crowned as the world record holder of gall stones, Mrs. Khamfong Duangsomsri, aged 53, walked out from the operating theater after seventeen minutes of surgery. At 920 gallstones, the figure topped world rankings for most gallstones extracted from a person. The previous record stood at 232 gallstones. Mrs. Khamfong is considering a career in Television.

The hospital also has plans of it own: to develop gallstone technology and to become the main hub in the Asian-Pacific for gallstone laparoscopy. The hospital also hopes to lift standards in orthopedics in order to attract patients both domestically and internationally.

So, what of the 920 stones? Maybe Mrs. Khamfong could use them for a bit of cheap landscape architecture? Build a Japanese Zen garden. Anyways, there’s a gold rush going on at Nong Khai so find yourself a donkey and leave first thing in the morning. Ho Ha!

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Haunted House of Fire

BURIRAM - The owner of a funeral services and coffins business is getting ready to vacate his home after more than fifty fires began on his premises in the period of a month. He has lost nearly a million baht in business revenues and four of his employees have since quit due to fear.

Unable to prevent or find an explanation for the fires, the man contacted a Cambodian necromancer in an attempt to purge the house of evil; the owner speculated that his business competitors placed a hex on his home to awaken dark spirits.

Buriram district police believe that the phenomena has scientific basis. Or at least they hope there is.

The home is situated at 85 Monkeyhead house in Buriram. The owner, Mr. Vitoon Chuenjit, 25 yrs old, runs the funeral business along with his family and employees. Together they witnessed and experienced over fifty unexplained fires in the house in the first month of living there.

They initially thought that business competitors had used black magic to put curses on them and invited a group of monks to exorcise bad spirits. But even after the rituals, fires continued to ignite from thin air.

Vitoon recently gave an interview stating that the fires appeared from morning until evening. It first started on a long piece of cloth used to decorate funerals; then a plastic plant pot caught on fire, and finally it was the coffins placed at the front of the house. Surveillance cameras were of no use either. Even after installing them and protecting the front entrance with spiritual seals – the cause of the fires could neither be discovered nor prevented.

Vitoon further stated that the fire couldn’t be the result of an arsonist or damaged electrical wirings, as all such possibilities have been checked. He instead believes that a kind of supernatural power is responsible. Each time he has distinguished a fire, he has discovered a pile of bone ashes.

Since news has spread to the press, Vitoon’s family has been without privacy. Large groups have gathered around the house, sometimes all day long, to wait and witness the fire. Vitoon has since decided to shut the gate to his house for the safety of others.

Mr. Vitoon Chuenjit continues to state that his business has suffered greatly from the incident, with the loss of customers and a decline in revenues worth a million baht in cash value. Moreover, four of his employees have quit as result of the incident.

But Vitoon has not given up just yet. He insisted that he will remain in the business because he took it over from his father; and is now planning to move to the Amplaimat district.

Police at Buriram are still trying to find the cause of the fires – and as determined as they are to discover a scientific explanation – the fires continue to burn with human remains.

Video footage about The Haunted House of Fire will soon be uploaded onto Bangkok Allegory.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Famous DJ Gets Acid Splash

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

RAYONG – Two men wearing motor cycle helmets had concealed receptacles of potent acid in their over coats, as they attended a famous restaurant where a handsome young DJ was working. Carefully planned, the culprits lured the young DJ outside and poured the acid onto his face.

The victims left eye may be permanently blind; the left side of his neck has been burnt and disfigured, and his chest, severely blistered. The victim had worked as a DJ for the restaurant – and had been quite popular as a result.

The culprits had stopped by the restaurant and asked for a waiter to call the DJ over. The unsuspecting victim approached the men, who he thought were a pair of merry diners, before he was sprayed with acid in a surprise attack. The motive is believed to be love related.

The incident was reported at 22.00, to Lieutenant Colonel Chatchai Inthonphuk, stationed at Klang Police station in Rayong who received the call about the victim being splashed with acid in a restaurant called ‘Bann Khiang Din’. The well-known bistro is in Soi Arikhun district.

The officer and his team went to the site immediately, and arrived to find the restaurant still open to service. Everything appeared normal, but outside a group of workers and night clubbers appeared shocked as they spoke about the incident.

The victim, Mr. Surasak Hoiraya AKA DJ Bank, twenty two yrs old, had already been sent to Klang Hospital. Police conducted inquiries at the restaurant before continuing their investigations at the hospital.

The young man was found to be severely injured: his left eye completely swelled shut, his neck and chest blistered and marred. Medical teams did their best to reduce skin damage.

After further questioning, the victim told the officer he had only worked as a DJ for restaurant for a week. Before the incident, he had been taking music requests from customers and a waiter named Oh had told him there were visitors for him. He immediately thought it was his friends. Surasak walked out to the entrance of the restaurant to find both culprits dressed in long coats and motorcycle helmets. When the victim walked closer, they suddenly splashed acid onto his face and injured another waiter in the process.

The culprits immediately fled on a Honda motorbike. The victim had no idea what the motive was.

Police stated that since the victim was a good-looking young man, a DJ, and a singer at other venues, with many female fans – Surasak probably had unseen enemies.

The victim has a wife. Police have analyzed the case and concluded that the incident had been carefully planned and further stated that suspects may include girls he had been interacting with. Other potential suspects include, males who failed to court women as a result of the victims presence. Further investigations may take place.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Elevator Turns Into Jaws of Death

Photo Courtesy of Daily News

BANGKOK – A man was crushed by an elevator in the office of J.M. Apparel Ltd in Sathorn. Office workers, police and emergency personal were unable to pull him from the vice like grip.

The office was a four-storey building with a large apparel export business. On the third floor near the carriage elevator, emergency crews faced a horrible image. The body of Mr. Somsuan Koetsuk (first name means: a perfectly proportional body and the last name means filled with happiness and joy) age 52, a messenger of the company, was crushed by an elevator that fell on his body stuck between the entrance and the elevator shaft. The rescue team immediately tried to lift the elevator with tools but the man succumbed to his massive injuries.

From investigation it was known that Mr. Somsuan Koetsuk and friends had tried to take a large pile of fabrics in the elevator up to the second floor. When the lift reached the floor, Mr. Somsuan started to move the fabrics out but the elevator suddenly continued upwards onto the third floor. Unprepared, Mr. Somsuan fell leaving his upper body at the elevator entrance, and his lower body in the shaft. Mr. Somsuan had tried to pull out his wedged lower half, but the elevator had a mechanical failure and continued to grip him. A number of employees at the company tried to help him out before calling the police over.

Now that Mr. Somsuan Koetsuk’s body is no longer proportional people are suggesting that it may not have been an accident. The police are also investigating the incident further as they are not completely convinced by the way the lifts operated. Something seemed rigged.

Courtesy of Daily News

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak