Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Husband Uses Drunken Fist to Placate Wife

TRAT – The 27-year-old man was drunk as he returned home from a funeral to his 36-year-old wife scolding him on the effects of alcohol addiction. He listened for a while as he opened a bottle of scotch. The man lined up shot glasses, shooting down one after the other.

When he was done, he stood up and swayed in the style of drunken fist. He grabbed his wife, who was still talking about alcohol addiction, and slammed her head into a cement pillar – poured another shot - then fly kicked her through a wall where she tumbled down to the edge of a creek behind the house.

A reporter wrote that before dawn today, Police Lieutenant Anocha Sansri stationed in Trat was informed of an incident where a victim was found dead in Thung Sao creek.

Police arrived on the scene to a cabana house with no unit number or official address.

The victim was found dead wearing a grey top, with blue jeans. Her name was Mrs. Lamai Thongnukro, aged 36; her head had been brutalized with kicks and punches and there was a large laceration above her right brow.

During investigations, Mrs. Boon Sukkranee, aged 60, mother of the victim, told police that the victim was home at around 11.30p.m.

Mr. Prathai Sammani, aged 27, and husband of the victim came home from a funeral in a drunken state. Loud arguments broke out but the mother dismissed it as the couples’ personal business and did not want to interfere.

At 3.30a.m., when Mr. Prathai, the husband, went to knock on the mother’s door, telling her to check out the dead body of his wife - the mother immediately called police.

The culprit admitted to killing his wife because he was angry at her for scolding him about drinking.

After he bashed his wife’s head into a cement post and fly kicked her through a wall, he went to sleep. At 3.30a.m. he woke up and was surprised to find that she was not sleeping next to him. He wondered where she had gone. ‘Hey!’ he yelled, ‘Come back to bed damn it!’

He looked around the house and discovered that a wall had been broken through. He looked through the broken wall, down into the shrubs, past a minor clearing, where his wife floated in the creek. He dragged her up to the edge and informed his mother in law.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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