Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goddess Hand Sprouts From Rose Pot

Photo Courtesy of Siangtai Daily

SONGKHLA - A journalist reports that villagers from Din Lan Place Moo 15, in Songkhla province, are transfixed by a strange mushroom that grew in the shape of a female hand.

The mushroom sprouted from a rose pot owned by Mrs. Somjai Thonggamgaew, aged 41.

White in color, the mushroom is said to be similar to the hand of Nang Kwak (a female spirit or household divinity in Thai folklore which brings prosperity). The mushroom has a repugnant odor similar to decaying flesh.

Mrs. Somjai, owner of the house where the Nang Kwak-mushroom was discovered, said the home reeked of rotten flesh for five days.

She tried to find the origin of the smell, suspecting a dead animal was in the house.

Mrs. Somjai looked in closets and drains and water pipes. But one morning, as she watered her plants she noticed a hand shaped mushroom protruding from her rose pot.

She had found the source of the smell and was shocked by the similarity between the shape of the mushroom and Nang Kwak’s hand.

Mrs. Somjai invited a Din Lan Temple monk to the house to meditate and communicate with the mushroom.

Mrs Somjai’s family are worried that the mushroom is a sign from their karmic messenger or household god.

When the monk came out of meditation, he informed the family that the Nang Kwak-mushroom was seeking reverence from the family. After hearing this, the family lit up candles and incenses – then prayed to the spirit - and prepared a bucket of holy water for everyone to drink. They also bought a statue of Nang Kwak to put on their shelf, in hope that good things will come to them.

Meanwhile, villagers stand outside the front gate of their house gossiping about the mushroom. They have employed the usual techniques to decipher future lottery numbers.

Courtesy of Siangtai Daily

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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