Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Disabled Girl Raped Now 8-Months Pregnant

Photo Courtesy of Khaosod

SARABURI – An 18-year-old girl who is blind, deaf, and mentally impaired was raped and is now eight months pregnant. Her mother sells fish at the markets, leaving the girl at home alone for most of the day – a perfect opportunity for some creep.

Two months ago the mother noticed her daughter was pregnant and reported it to the police but nobody did anything.

Outraged neighbors wrote letters to the Paweena Women and Child Protection Foundation for help and since then police have been pursuing the culprit and said when the girl gives birth, they will examine the DNA, and bring the ‘motherfucker to justice’.

Mrs. Paweena Hongsakul, the founder of Women and Child Protection Foundation, along with Saraburi districts chief and team, traveled to the victim’s home.
The 18-year-old was lying on a stone table next to a stairwell; her stomach rounded. The mother is a fish merchant in Ayudthaya; she leaves the home for work at 03.00a.m. and returns at 10.00p.m. each day.

In the last two months she noticed her daughter had gained weight and had been vomiting. The mother found out she was pregnant and informed the police. She suspected that someone invaded her home and raped her daughter more than once because of unexplained bruises on her body. The police found two teenage suspects but let them go because of insufficient evidence.

Mrs. Hongsakul sent the girl to be tested at the local hospital and found out that she had already been pregnant for 8 months.

The Foundation is doing everything they can to help catch the culprits who raped the helpless girl.

“How could they do something like that? It’s just…” The mother said in an interview, tears forming around her eyes.

Courtesy of Khaosod

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak