Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three Legs and a Big Head

Photo Courtesy of Daily News

YALA – A reporter arrived at Yala hospital to find a newborn with three legs and an unusually large head. The baby belonged to Mr. Maaeteng and Mrs. Niasuya Chetae and was delivered by Caesarean on August 28th.

The additional leg is the wrong way around and juts out from between the two normal legs. The baby’s sex is undetermined.

Doctor Guladate Techanapharak, the head chief of Yala hospital said that the baby has a deformed structure and is the forth from this family. The child’s internal organs are out of place; the gall bladder is not sealed correctly and the opening of the anus and penis are one and the same. The doctor said the baby was an unsuccessful twin because the x-ray showed that the baby had two hip bones structures.

The first solution used to save the baby was to create a new anus to prevent any feces from mixing with urine. The next step will be to relocate the baby’s anus to the front of its stomach. After that the parents have to wait until the child is older for further surgery.

Doctor Guladate also said that the baby is under close supervision as there is a vulnerability to pathogens.

The family of the baby will face great financial challenges - at the moment, they can barely afford the travel costs of visiting their baby.

The parents revealed that they work at a rubber plantation but are not getting much income to look after their four kids. The mother, after the operation, is still resting at home and cannot go out to find money.

Courtesy of Daily News

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak