Thursday, October 1, 2009

PE Teacher Kicks the Crap Out Of Student

Photo Courtesy of Daily News

AYUDTHAYA – A physical education teacher jump-kicked his grade seven student, breaking the child’s arm and hand. The 13-year-old boy had to get a cast, from hand to elbow. It all started in a soccer game.

The boy explained that his class had been playing soccer on a school field with teacher Bank (name) on the opposing team. While Bank was bringing up the ball, the boy budged into him and teacher Bank let the ball slip out of the line. The teacher, however, used his hand to stop the ball, trying to continue.

The boy rushed in and pinned the ball out of the teacher’s hand because he realized the ball was already out and should belong to his team. Bank became angry at this and did a jumping side kick into the boy, first hitting his side; then came the round house kicks.

“I saw the teacher angry so I apologized but he didn’t let it go. He forced me to kneel down and lick his shoes. I refused and he did jumping kicks into my side and when I couldn’t stand the pain anymore, I lifted up my arm to block but the final kick sent a snap through my arm and hand and I suddenly felt extreme pain. I then shouted out really loud and he left me on the field. He ordered everybody then to stop playing and return to the classroom. After I got home, I told my dad of the hand and so we went to get X-rayed. My arm was broken, and my hand was shattered because he kicked me so many times,” the boy recalled.

The father of the boy went to see the headmaster after the incident to settle the conflict but the headmaster said that Teacher Bank had disappeared and has not answer his phone. The father insisted that if Bank doesn’t show up, he will inform the police and sue Teacher Bank for hurting his son.

Courtesy of Daily News

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak