Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Definition of a Split Face

Photo Courtesy to Anonymous Distributor

BANGKOK – A woman jumped from the third floor of a famous esplanade shopping complex in Ratchada district, Bangkok. Her head was split in half as her face met the ground. She had allegedly walked around the balcony for over an hour before deciding to end her life.

Police Lieutenant Jiratchai Supwiratbanya, from Huay Kwang police station, was informed of the suicide. He immediately went on site, along with forensic and medical teams. At the ground floor of the complex, outside a discount clothes store, laid the body of the suicide victim.

Security guards at the complex had allegedly relocated the body to the esplanade outside - causing quite a dispute from police and forensic teams as the corpse was not in its original position. The guards insisted that they had received permission from Huay Kwang police station.

No details regarding the deceased’s identity has been released to the media.

Notable damage was sustained to the suicide victim’s face and cranium which was split in half from the impact. Next to her body was a black Prada bag. The officers also found her shoes on the second floor of the complex.

Mr. Chanon Rungrueng, a mobile phone clerk working on the third floor said he saw the woman walking around the balcony, looking hesitant. A time passed and Mr. Rungrueng didn’t think anything of it, when suddenly the woman climbed over the glass railing and leaped from the balcony.

Police officers have confirmed that the incident was a suicide based on eye witnesses and footage taken from surveillance cameras. The woman’s handbag contained no further evidence.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

*Note: This is a republished article of the suicide at Esplanade, Ratchada Thailand, in June following gruesome follow-up images.

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