Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gay Melee Leads To Pulped Testicles

SAMUT PRAKHAN – The apartment block was three-stories high and the murder had taken place in a room on the third floor. Inside the room, Mr. Prasarn Phumsin, 46-years-old, lay face down in blood. His lower body had been stripped naked; his anus, plugged with bits of cotton wool; and a brown towel had been tied around his neck.

At 03.00a.m., police lieutenant Banjong Charnsri from Samut Prakarn’s main police station filed a report on the murder of a man at room 24, Khamnanim Phaemo.

When police removed the towel, they discovered several stab wounds to the man’s neck; in addition to a lesion on the right side of his chest; the man’s upper body and forehead had sustained heavy bruising from being struck multiple times with a hard object. Stab wounds were found on both of his thighs.

The man’s penis and testicles were mashed from repeated crushing with a blunt and weighted object. Forensic officers said the victim had been dead for two hours.

Mr. Champee Boonmeemak, 41-years-old, a neighbor living in room 25 next door to the murder scene, said he heard loud thumping, the shattering of glass, and finally a man’s wild scream at around half past one a.m. It became silent shortly after that.

The victim’s room had been trashed – shattered beer bottles, dirty jeans, and lottery guide books written by famous lottery masters were strewn around the apartment. There were also ancient scriptures dealing with the summoning of lottery numbers, stacked up next to his bed. To the side of these scriptures were stacks of real estate brochures and magazines. Detectives believe the man was a lottery fanatic and are now searching these items for evidence.

Champee, the next door neighbor, later heard the sound of a door being locked. He got up and peeked through the eye hole of his front door and saw a fat man carrying a plastic bag; he was aged around 30, approximately 170 cm’s tall, and wore short white pants and a black t-shirt. The suspect rushed downstairs and jumped over a wall.

Afterwards, Champee called the apartment caretaker to check the room after suspecting a crime had taken place. The door was locked so they kept on knocking for a while, but Mr. Prasarn didn’t come to open. They finally had to cut down the thick chain key with a chainsaw and barged in. Mr. Prasarn was lying dead on the floor.

Police officers said the victim was a local real estate agent working in the villages of Samut Prakarn; and a lottery enthusiast who may have been a master considering he owned professional lottery calculation equipment.

People living in the apartment block were aware that the victim had many sexual partners: different men were over almost every night. It is understood that the victim had brought the culprit back to his home on the night of the crime. Police believe that an argument ensued after intercourse.

The culprit used a beer bottle to strike the victim before shoving the bottle up his anus. The victim tried to fight back, but the culprit grabbed a fruit knife and stabbed the victim’s neck several times. He also stabbed his chest and legs.

After that, the culprit wrapped the victim’s neck with a brown towel and began to strangle him with it. He wanted to make sure he was dead. To add a final touch, he reached for the beer bottle again; spread the victim’s legs open and continuously struck the victim’s penis and testicles with the blunt end of the bottle. The impacts had been so great that the bottle shattered and the victim’s loins were left as nothing more than pulp.

The killer, afterwards, went for a shower, and used all the shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom before he escaped. He must have left smelling good.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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