Friday, August 21, 2009

Demented Principal Is On the Lam

SI SA KET - A mother took her child to report on a school principal in Si Sa Ket who pummeled the child in a brutal school yard attack. The kid had lain helplessly on the ground as the principal warned him to keep things quiet. The boy received the beating for failing to attend a class.

Police Lieutenant Pichit Chiaplaem from Phu Sing police station in Si Sa Ket was informed by the mother of a sixth grade boy that her son had been violently punished by a school principal. The mother’s child was struck in the ear multiple times – and has suffered severe damage to his ear drum.

The mother explains that her son missed school to attend the funeral of a relative; and that the school then sent a teacher to follow him. The teacher tried to force the child back to school twice.

The first time, the boy refused; but the second time, he succumbed. The teacher, sent by the principal, forced the child into a school uniform and led him back to school to be punished.

The next morning, her son did not leave his bed and the mother entered his room to find him lying sick in bed with a high fever. The boy told her mother that he had been punished by the principal. When the mother realized the extent of the punishments, she decided to inform police.

From an interview, the boy recalled the incident, saying he was asked to go to the canteen where the principal was waiting. The moment the boy entered, and without saying a word, the principal struck the centre of the child’s ear with the palm of his hand; the force sent the boy to the floor.

The demented principal stood over the boy and pummeled him in the stomach – the boy was winded, and then passed out. The principal yelled into his face and told him to never tell anybody about the incident. Several student friends came to help the victim up and carried him to a resting spot while the principal walked away.

The boy was then sent to the hospital where he received treatment of his injuries. The police are ready to lays charges against the principal.

However, the principal is now on the lam. Teachers and officers do not know where the culprit went. No one with information has come forward as yet, but some say he escaped to the mountains. The police are in pursuit.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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