Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ex-Husband Goes On Dick-Snipping Rampage

Photo Courtesy of Daily News

PHETCHABUN – The man's eyes welled up with tears and his fingers picked at leaves as he prepared for what was to come. With his face to the ground, he felt the cool muzzle of the gun pressed against the back of his head. But with a flash of inspiration, the culprit suddenly decided to do it all a little differently. He held the victim down, undid his belt and chinos, stripped him of his underwear; pulled a pair of shears from his back pocket and snipped off the victim’s Johnson before throwing it into a nearby fishpond. Oooops!

The victim writhed along the ground like a headless chicken while the culprit left in his pick-up truck. In the photo above, a woman at the hospital stares at the penis she knows is not there.

The ex-wife of the culprit revealed that she had only been with the victim for a month and that the culprit was her ex-husband. They had separated for a long time, so the incident came as a shock.

At 19.00 hours, Police Captain Chatri Senaphayung at Yoiwangchompoo Police Station in Phetchabun received a report on a man who had been attacked on a road side near Gamnan Jun farm.

On site, the captain and his team followed a trail of blood which led to the victim who was by then, dying of major blood loss. He was immediately sent to Phetchabun hospital.

The victim is known as Mr. Anan Nanok, age 36, a production employee of Saha Farm Co.,Ltd. He sustained severe head injuries from being struck with wooden planks, and his severed penis left only a stub. He groaned throughout medical treatment at the hospital.

When the victim’s condition was stable, he told police that before the incident, he had just come back from planting rice seeds with his girlfriend, (the ex-wife) Mrs. Kimphan Wankong, aged 44. They had been just 200 meters away from where he was attacked. As he rode home on his motorbike, ten people in a pick-up truck charged him holding knives and bats. They lunged at him and knocked him to the ground.

One of the culprits brandished a revolver and pointed it at the victims head. The culprit was about to pull the trigger when suddenly he changed his mind, turned to his friends and whispered something. They all laughed. The ten of them stripped the victim’s clothes off and held him down. One of the culprits reached for the victim’s scrotum and penis - then closed a pair of shears on them. The culprit threw the severed appendage into a nearby fishpond; then they all left in the pick-up truck. The victim recognized one of them as Mr. Lae Chamnanthup: his girlfriend’s ex-husband.

Mrs. Kimphan stated that Mr. Lae was her ex-husband who she had separated from years ago. She was allegedly horrified at the cruelty of what he had done and could not understand why it had happened. She and the victim had only been seeing each other for a month and have not extensively developed their relationship as the victim has not been in Phetchabun for very long.

Captain Chatri stated that all the culprits have since been identified. A reporter also added that the medical teams at Phetchabun hospital were unable to reattach the victim’s penis as it was never recovered from the fish pond.

Most likely eaten I’d say.

Courtesy of Daily News

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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