Friday, August 14, 2009

Dark Molds Envelop Skin Of Young Girl

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

PHETCHABUN – Nisakorn Thanurak or Nim as other villagers’ call her, is from Issarn Samakee in Phetchabun. Nim has a rare disease that pervades the skin with black spots and seed-like growths. In the photo above you can see how the dark molds have enveloped her.

Her condition is deteriorating as inflammations spread, making her skin extremely irritable – however, she knows to avoid scratching at all costs.

With clogged pores and the incessant feeling of being hot and itchy, Nim lives in front of fans and air conditioners.

Her grandmother used to take her to Chulalongkorn Hospital for medical advice but doctors told her that the disease was incurable. The family doesn’t have money for treatments that could control the spread either.

Four-year-old Nim was recently discovered by a journalist after information came from a news source. The journalist travelled to Nim’s residence: a single story wooden house on stilts, with corrugated tin roofing - and it turns out that Nim is living there with her grandmother Mrs. Nujaree Thupthimthai, 46-years-old, and her great grandmother Mrs. On Namsongkram.

After inspecting the girl’s body, the journalist reported seeing black molds that had fused along the top of her skin; as well as seed-like growths all over her body. Her neck had prominent lumps the size of large toes.

Nim says that these bulges give her the worst itches.

Nujaree, the grandmother, revealed Nim to be the daughter of Mr. Aphidej Thanurak, 30-years-old, and Mrs. Thitima Promwiang, 20-years-old. Both her parents reside in another city and pursue their careers. They come back once in a while to visit her.

Nim’s upbringing has been left to her grandmother.

Nim is currently attending kinder garden at the Young Children’s Development Centre at Bann Wang Bod.

Six months after Nim was born, black rashes appeared on her body. The family admitted her to hospital where she received monthly check-ups. However, the appointments were soon reduced to twice a year with doctors advising Nim to avoid skin injuries as infections could be fatal.

During the interview, Nim appeared to be in constant pain as she itched and complained of the humidity in the weather. A fan was set up to cool her body.

Due to the clogging of sweat pores, Nim is unable to sweat as normal people do. The heat and extreme irritation causes her to have dramatic mood swings and Nim suffers the full psychological effects of living with the disease.

The grandmother said that after many failed attempts at inferior medical treatments,
Nim has lived on and struggled day by day. The family’s is not financially equipped to save her and have made numerous requests for donations.

The journalist covering the story reported the situation to Wang Bod district’s Administrative minister, Mr. Thanin Sawantha, for assistance.

Thanin stated that he had already been informed of Nim’s case and has assisted the family with financial aid. He will also contact the welfare department for assistance in an effort to send Nim to proper treatment – even if a cure hasn’t as yet been found.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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