Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Dead Are On Display: No Cover Charge

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

PHUKET – These three stragglers were shot dead near a high school in Phuket. As for the medical personnel standing behind them, well, it looks like some sort of perverted family reunion photo.

Mr. Thia, 50-years-old (with an unknown last name), Mr. Govit Nongmanee, 36-years-old, and Mr. Somsak Rodchuay 30-years-old were all killed in a swift execution by an unknown gunman.

The triggerman got out of his pick-up truck and fired a barrage of shots with his .38, nailing the three victims at close range. They didn’t even have time to gargle their own blood. The killer fled to Phuket’s city centre at 12.30 a.m.

Lieutenant Colonel Boonloet Onklang managed the case and attended the crime scene near Phuket City High School.

The Colonel, his investigative officers, along with Phuket’s Rescue Foundation and the Wachira Phuket Hospital medical team were all on site.

The crime scene showed that the killings had been abrupt - a bottle of Leo beer and two plastic cups sat on a granite table with a bowl of fish balls, two lighters, and a water bottle lid. Under the table, near one of the granite seats, five other bottles lay flat at the feet of Mr. Thia who was sitting slumped in his chair with his head tilted backwards. He was wearing a blue Chelsea soccer jersey, a loincloth, and he sort of looked relaxed - he had been shot in the left cheekbone and blood had spilled into strange patterns across the front of his jersey.

Next to Mr. Thia was Mr. Govit Nongmanee, who had been a driver working at Sawasdee T. Kharon hotel. His body lay face up and he was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of cream-colored shorts. His legs were splayed and his torso was twisted at a strange angle; he had his left arm across his chest and his right hand was above his head. He had sustained an exit wound to the upper body.

Next to Mr. Govit was Mr. Somsak Rodchuay from Nakhon Ratchasima province; he also lay face up and was wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans. His right arm was across his chest and his left arm lay to his side. He had been shot in the head - the image of the crime scene was one of chilling repose.

The police were later informed of a surviving victim, sent to Wachira Phuket hospital after being shot in the left side of his neck. He was identified as Mr. Yothin Singsathosit, 35-years-old.

The house where the victims had been drinking belonged to Mr. Thia, the first victim. While they were enjoying themselves, a man aged between 30 and 40 years, drove a black Toyota Vigo pick-up to the house, got of the car and rushed at the victims firing rapid shots. The culprit then fled towards the city centre. Police initially believed that a personal grudge was the motivation behind the crime but have since discovered that at least two of the victims were shot in order to be silenced.

The killer is still on the loose but police insist he will be visiting a jail cell very soon.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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