Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hint 3: Banana Tree Sprouts Fruit at the Roots

CHONBURI – Villagers were thrilled about strange bananas growing at the foot of a banana tree. There were eight bananas in total. Village lottery analysts were attempting to decode the bananas manifestations but tree experts have suggested that the occurrence is normal for unhealthy banana trees.

Mrs. Thongyoo Kongngam, 68-years-old, a rice seller in Chonburi, explained that she found eight bananas growing from the ground in a close bunch. Nearby, another weird banana tree had sprouted from the soil and appeared to be patterned with pink and green shades. Many people have come for prayer and have already won lotteries.

Husband and wife, Mr. Manoon Inthachot, 52-years-old, and Mrs. Chamnian Inthachot, 51-years-old, are the owners of the house where the bizarre banana trees are growing. They said that at the beginning of 2005 they built the house and planted banana seeds during a house ceremony. After four years the seeds grew into nine banana trees and bared fruit continuously. Recently they witnessed something unusual: bananas growing from the ground and a pink and green tree that cultivated on its own nearby. The events caused such a stir in the couple that they invited people from town to their home – people have banded together with candles, flowers and prayer.

Mr. Manoon also said that his business has done extremely well since the banana trees appeared. One of his employees has won many lotteries since coming to work at his home. Most recently, his employee named Ae, bought only one lottery slip but won 2nd prize and over 200,000 baht in cash. Mr. Manoon himself has won five lotteries all together. After receiving this fortune, the couple arranged a ceremony to pray for the spirits residing within the banana trees and constructed a fence around the bananas for protection.

Plant experts have put forward a more scientific explanation. They say that the banana tree is lacking in nutrients and has not formed a full body as result. A similar reason is behind the bananas growing at the foot of the tree instead of up high. Villagers have ignored these deductions and continue to wrap colored cloth around the bananas and insist on continuing to pray for lottery numbers.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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