Thursday, August 6, 2009

Haunted House of Fire

BURIRAM - The owner of a funeral services and coffins business is getting ready to vacate his home after more than fifty fires began on his premises in the period of a month. He has lost nearly a million baht in business revenues and four of his employees have since quit due to fear.

Unable to prevent or find an explanation for the fires, the man contacted a Cambodian necromancer in an attempt to purge the house of evil; the owner speculated that his business competitors placed a hex on his home to awaken dark spirits.

Buriram district police believe that the phenomena has scientific basis. Or at least they hope there is.

The home is situated at 85 Monkeyhead house in Buriram. The owner, Mr. Vitoon Chuenjit, 25 yrs old, runs the funeral business along with his family and employees. Together they witnessed and experienced over fifty unexplained fires in the house in the first month of living there.

They initially thought that business competitors had used black magic to put curses on them and invited a group of monks to exorcise bad spirits. But even after the rituals, fires continued to ignite from thin air.

Vitoon recently gave an interview stating that the fires appeared from morning until evening. It first started on a long piece of cloth used to decorate funerals; then a plastic plant pot caught on fire, and finally it was the coffins placed at the front of the house. Surveillance cameras were of no use either. Even after installing them and protecting the front entrance with spiritual seals – the cause of the fires could neither be discovered nor prevented.

Vitoon further stated that the fire couldn’t be the result of an arsonist or damaged electrical wirings, as all such possibilities have been checked. He instead believes that a kind of supernatural power is responsible. Each time he has distinguished a fire, he has discovered a pile of bone ashes.

Since news has spread to the press, Vitoon’s family has been without privacy. Large groups have gathered around the house, sometimes all day long, to wait and witness the fire. Vitoon has since decided to shut the gate to his house for the safety of others.

Mr. Vitoon Chuenjit continues to state that his business has suffered greatly from the incident, with the loss of customers and a decline in revenues worth a million baht in cash value. Moreover, four of his employees have quit as result of the incident.

But Vitoon has not given up just yet. He insisted that he will remain in the business because he took it over from his father; and is now planning to move to the Amplaimat district.

Police at Buriram are still trying to find the cause of the fires – and as determined as they are to discover a scientific explanation – the fires continue to burn with human remains.

Video footage about The Haunted House of Fire will soon be uploaded onto Bangkok Allegory.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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