Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bathroom Lights Cut-Off Leads to Gunfire

THAILAND - The dead body in the image is Mr. Piyarit Phongam, 24 yrs old, a nephew of the well-known comedian, “Tep Phongam” who was shot dead last night by Mr. Chalor Jantapow (Image in the Right Corner).

The homicide took place at “Mum Mum,” an all-night congee house, in Grand Market, Uthai province, Pranakornsreeayudthaya City. It is believed the culprit became incensed when the victim accidentally switched off the lights in the restroom he was using. The perpetrator, yelling and screaming, fumbled for toilet paper in the dark; witnesses outside heard someone howling, “I am taking a shit, a big shit!”

At 5:00 AM, Puttipong Intara, an investigative officer, went to the crime scene after responding to a call about the shoot out. On arrival, the tables and chairs at the restaurant were in disarray, with fresh blood splattered around the restaurant - a bullet head of an unspecified size was found on the floor near by.

The victim was sent to Ratchathani Hospital where it was discovered that he was shot twice. One bullet had pierced through the right arm and into the lungs; the other was found in the back of the neck. Mr. Piyarit Phongam could not sustain the injuries and died shortly after.

Miss Rungnapa Meesukon, 26 yrs old, the victim’s wife, said the victim was the nephew of the famous comedian Tep Phongam, who came to work as a water-usage fee collector in Uthai Province, Pranakornsreeayudthaya City.

During the incident, the victim and his wife went to have congee at Mum Mum, when the victim went to the toilet and accidentally switched off the lights in the bathroom. This was found to be the motive behind the culprit’s shooting. The culprit later followed the victim back to his table where an argument took place. The victim had tried to placate the culprit, and it was then that he was shot.

Police officers later received a phone call from the culprit, Mr. Chalor Jantapow, 39 yrs old, confessing he had committed murder. When the police officers arrived at the culprit’s house, Mr. Chalor was sitting on his armchair with a .38 handgun waiting to be arrested. When interrogated, Chalor said that he thought the victim was going to raise his leg to kick him, so he got his gun out and shot the victim twice. He insisted it was self-defence.

In Courtesy of Thairath & Kow Sod Newspapers.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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