Sunday, September 20, 2009

Drink Driving Oral Sex

LAMPANG – A man died after crashing his Vigo pick-up truck into a tree; his 25-year-old female passenger was severely injured. The body of the man appeared to be naked from the bottom half, his pants and underwear shoved in the backseat, while the woman’s jeans were also pulled down below her waist. Four empty beer cans were found in the back seat. The two had been drinking while driving.

Police officers arrived at the accident to find a mangled bronze Toyota Vigo pick-up, plate number 8243, compressed against a large tree trunk. The male driver was crushed in the front seat, wearing a green and white checkered t-shirt. His lower body was naked, his neck broken, and his right arm sliced open. His name was Mr. Paisarn Rattanachat, 41-years-old.

In the passenger seat was Mrs. Riyada Thakthon, 25-years-old. She had been badly injured and was unable to move. The rescue team managed to lift her out of the vehicle; her jeans pulled down below her waist, showing pubic hair. Officers pulled her pants up and wrapped her in a blanket before sending her off on an ambulance.

The woman’s right leg was broken and her body wounded – she was sent to Lampang hospital immediately. Four cans of beer were found in the vehicle along with the dead man’s pants in the back seat.

Police assumed that the two were drinking and driving while engaging in oral sex. At a certain climax the man to lost control of his truck and the vehicle ended up in a tree.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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