Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Sex Change Regulations!

Doctor Samphan Komlit, the secretary of administration from the ministry of public health introduced new regulations today regarding sex change. Doctors and medical experts from a number of backgrounds, as well as transsexuals attended the event.

The ministry of public health showed great concern for the safety of procedures in sexual transition and the secretary spoke with care of the correct procedures in carrying out precise operations; and the need for professional and qualified surgeons. In the past, problems had arisen in a number of post-surgery cases, leading the ministry to create new regulations to protect the third gender.

Candidates for sex change surgery must now pass psychological and compatibility examinations before undertaking hormone therapy: a preventative measure against harmful aftereffects. Patients must also live with their desired orientation for one year.

The secretary, Doctor Samphan, continued that surgeons in all fields are allowed to perform the operations due to having sufficient ground knowledge. After the operation, doctors must follow-up with their patients to monitor undesired side-effects or changes to their physicality and mentality. The law states that people can receive surgery if they are the age of 18 or above. For those younger, a parent or guardians signature will suffice.

If surgeons fail to comply with these regulations, they can receive penalties ranging from warnings to imprisonments and the confiscation of their licenses.

Doctor Samphan also stated the importance of establishing third gender rights for the future, ensuring equality and freedom. Details of this proposal include legal marriage, equal job opportunity and the right to change name titles. Samphan believes that even these will take time to bring about. He also suggested that the third gender population will increase in size in the future and sex change will become more and more common. This growing group will eventually claim their rights in the future.

“I think the issue of freedom and rights and societal acceptance of the third sex population will need to be addressed by the department of human rights. It is important to encourage these people and avoid marginalizing them. This can greatly damage their lives.” Doctor Samphan stated.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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