Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shabu-Shabu and Other Improvised Weapons

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

SUPHANBURI – A policeman’s stepson splashed boiling water from a shabu-shabu hot pot onto the family of a pharmacy owner. The baby of the family suffered second degree burns to the neck and shoulder. The policeman insisted it was a misunderstanding.

A Policeman from Suphanburi was sitting with his step son and some friends when they poured boiling water on the table of Mr. Pattanin Udomphakdipong, 32-years-old. His son and wife was also there. The fight started in the middle of the shabu-shabu restaurant in a shopping mall because the policeman and the people on his table were annoyed with the victim’s son, a five-month-old baby, who was crying. The policeman’s stepson picked up his shabu-shabu hot pot and threw it at the victim’s table; the water splashed onto the baby. The incident happened on August 25th, but the victim has since come out to inform the press to ensure justice. The policeman said it was a misunderstanding.

On August 31st, policeman Thawee Khiawsawai gave an interview on the Channel 3 news show, ‘Morning Story’, insisting that the whole event was a misunderstanding. He explained that his stepson, Mr. Phongsakorn Sukornsep, is a loud and sometimes rash person, and on the day of the inside he had had a fight with his girlfriend. She had been sitting beside him, when suddenly Phongsakorn said “Fuck, I’ve had enough!” Thawee believes the phrase must have triggered Mr. Pattanin to think that he was referring to his baby who cried on the table next to them. Pattanin then allegedly walked over with a gangsters swagger and asked Phongsakorn if he had any problems with the baby. Phongsakorn who is a rash young adult, instantly flared up, and that was how the fight started.

Thawee, the policeman, said he went to stop the pair but denied all allegations that he put Mr. Pattanin into an arm lock. He also said that glass was thrown across the table from Pattanin which angered Phongsakorn even more; Phongsakorn then picked up the shabu-shabu hot pot and threw it at Mr. Pattanin’s table. Mr. Pattanin’s baby and wife were the unlikely victims of the tussle.

Mr. Thawee, the policeman, further said that he has given all information regarding the incident to the investigative board and will not give further comments to the press. He insisted that he will be personally responsible for the medical fees of the victims. But so far he has been unable to contact the victim’s family members. “It was an act of rashness, so let’s just forgive each other,” the policeman added.

The policeman and Mr. Pattanin have both filed charges against each other. Police Lieutenant Wattana Gaewcharoen, who is leading the case, will visit the Shabu-shabu place to ask for surveillance footage.

Courtesy of Thairath

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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