Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Is A Miniature Water Elephant?

Photo Courtesy of Nation Group

THAK – An ex-merchant discovered a weird creature said to be a miniature water elephant. He said a Burmese man had found it dead and had given it to him.

The x-ray image of the creature shows a distinct elephantine structure.
On September 1st, Police Sub-Lieutenant Phongsak Theptian during his shift in Thak said that he had met Mr. Chuyot, an ex-merchant who used to trade wood with the Burmese.

Mr. Chuyot currently owns and runs a papaya plantation and a corn farm. Chuyot told the sub-lieutenant that he had in his possession an extraordinary creature: a tiny elephant or what Chuyot has now called a water elephant. The water elephant was allegedly found dead by a Burmese man who had gone fishing in a deep jungle river.

Mr. Chuyot brought the elephant in for the Sub-Lieutenant Phongsak to inspect. It was seven centimeters in length and had ivories, a trunk, a long tail and four webbed feet. They took the elephant to be x-rayed at Phawo hospital. The creature has an authentic skeleton and bone structure similar to those of elephants.

Sub-Lieutenant Phongsak has sent x-ray films and photographs to the press and the story has generated interest in the scientific community.

What is a miniature water elephant? We still don't know.

Courtesy of Nation Group

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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