Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kid Chopped Into 12 Pieces Left in Back Alley

Photo Courtesy of Thairath

BANGKOK – A 5-year-old boy was chopped into 12 pieces, stuffed into several trash bags, and thrown onto a side street. The corpse was fresh when it was discovered. The child had a good complexion and neat facial features. He had been shot in the mouth at near point blank range, leaving a gun powder stain across his right cheek. His back and both arms had been shot – all of them exit wounds. The corpse had been gruesomely divided into 12 pieces with delicate, precise cuts. A phone number and a long black hair wig inside the bags left police absolutely puzzled.

The coldblooded killer gave himself up yesterday and contacted the Thai News Journalists team. The body of a woman in a G-string has since been found.

What was the killer’s motive?

The trash collector was the first to discover the four black trash bags lying on the side street about a hundred meters into an abandoned Soi. He said he fed dogs in the area every morning before starting his day and on the morning he saw the four trash bags, thought someone else had left scraps for the dogs. The man tried feeling the bags, all of which were strangely soft. He opened one and found that multiple layers of bags had been tied up and a taped together around what was inside. When he finally managed to rip it apart, the head of a little boy poked out.

Police arrived and further examined the other bags and found the other parts of the body. Investigators said the bullet inside the boy’s head was near the back of his skull. His right cheek had a slash wound that parted down to his lips; the boys neck had been sliced with care and precision. Torn skin above the neck suggested that his head had been pulled and aggressively jerked .

The second bag contained only the naked torso with a bullet hole in the back; the third bag had two legs divided into four pieces, separating calf and thigh. The last bag contained the arms, also sliced into four pieces. The hands and fingers were missing.

The final object left police investigators confused: a black hair wig. Several theories were formulated. The boy was a homosexual, but at such a young age? The boy was an actor in a circus? Police were dumbfounded.

Later in the evening, a man contacted the Thai News Journalist team saying he had killed and cut the boy into pieces, and also killed a woman and dumped the corpse in Sad Lum Gaew.

The culprit’s name is Siripong Garnjananivit, 40-years-old, living in Bangkok. He confessed to killing his lover, Sunan Srisuwan, 38-years-old, the mysterious woman in the G-string. He said he did not have the intention of killing the boy at first, who was Sunan’s son from a previous relationship with a Japanese man. The reason for cutting up the boy, he said, was because he was confused and in tears at the time and began cutting the boy up before throwing the four bags onto the road outside. He did not know how the four bags ended up in an abandoned Soi a few hundred meters away.

So… that’s all – well have a great day everyone?

We shall wait for further investigations. More updates to come.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotsiak

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