Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Robbers Barge into Gas Station to Steal Panda Dolls

Photo Courtesy of Khaosod

BANGKOK – A robber barged into a Shell gas station in Ladprao with a gun, to steal panda dolls. The man pointed the gun at the attendant and threatened to pull the trigger if he didn’t hand over the dolls that were on sale.

Pornchai Anthasut, 20-years-old, the gas station employee was in shock after the robbery. He said that two male’s came to the station on a white Yamaha Mio and got 70 baht worth of fuel; one man had a mullet and the other, an afro. Neither had worn helmets.

As the two finished with the petrol bowser, the afro man caught sight of a popular panda doll on sale for 199 baht. The two men turned to Pornchai and said they wanted the dolls. Pornchai said they would have to pay for them.

The afro guy said, “I’m going to rob you if you don’t give them to me.” The bob hair guy then said to the afro guy, “hey we should go get our stuff first.” They then left the station, leaving Pornchai utterly confused.

Fifteen minutes later, the two men returned on their motorbike. The afro guy quickly hopped off and approached Pornchai, pointing a magnum at him. He directed Pornchai to a rack of panda dolls and took two before running back to the motorbike and fleeing. Pornchai, in shock, informed the manager of the store. They haven’t informed the police because the manager said the surveillance cameras did not capture the area near the panda racks and that police would not believe their story. Pornchai and his manager are still stunned by the fact that the two robbers were only after panda dolls and not cash.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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