Friday, November 6, 2009

Boob Enlargement Lollies

Courtesy of Daily news

THAILAND – The department of food and medicine has addressed the issue of a lolly brand, marketing itself over the internet with false and harmful advertising. The company has stated on its products that the lollies increase the size of breasts. The product’s catch phrase is, “Miracle Boober.” The number of buyers on the internet has skyrocketed.

The department said there was a similar case earlier this year involving breast enlargement cookies and that these cock-and-bull products usually state that they contain a mixture of ancient herbs and special ingredients that enlarge breasts while keeping the body slim and firm. The department said that the lollies are a product line extension strategy by the same company.

The packaging contains Japanese text and appears to be from Japan - but when authorities examined international importing records they found no trace of the brand or any legal registrations to the product. It is believed that the lollies are being carried in by various individuals or that they are even domestically produced.

The so-called ancient herbs, contains estrogen which can harm the body and even cause cancer when consumed regularly or in large amounts. The lollies can also prevent women from breastfeeding; and in men, significantly reduce sperm count.

The department said they will track down the sellers of these illegal products and that the people behind ‘Boober’ will fined and sued and desecrated, for lying to the young generations of people.

The Boober Lollies advertisement slogan on the internet is: “Boob Boom within 7 days, No Surgery Needed.

Note: The people buying the products should also be fined and sued and desecrated because they are idiots.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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