Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gay Man Can’t Take a Sexy Calendar

In Courtesy of Thairath

BANGKOK – Seasoned and outspoken gay man, Nathi protested in Bangkok today against pinup girl calendars, saying they destroy the cultural legacy of Thai women.

Singha Beer announced that it is giving away free sexy girl calendars to complement the 2010 year of the Tiger, using six naked models splashed in body paint to launch the promotion.

To this Nathi said, “Even though it is your own body and you’re entitled to do anything with it, when you present your body to the public, you destroy Thai culture. No matter where you grew up, if you’re now living in Thailand, then understand that Thailand still values traditional culture. If you don’t love it then don’t destroy it.”

Thailand is also one of the most popular destinations for prostitution in the world; for god’s sake Nathi, women shoot ping pong balls from their vaginas and hang weights from their vulvas. Highly advanced pornographic moves are child play. Thailand is a hot spot for sexual holidaying. Teen rapes and gang bangs are part of a long and senseless history. Where’s the culture? Was it even here in the first place? Is it even a word in the dictionaries of young children? The case has always been that people are living under their own skins. Culture is merely theatrical, a creative byproduct of repression.

If Nathi returned home every night as a crazed flagellator and whipped ass with black leather, where’s Thai culture in that? And no, sprinkling chili on the man's asshole wouldn't cut it. It's not a box that you just tick off.

Would it even surprise you?

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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