Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wrong Man, Wrong Coffin

In Courtesy of Nation Group

ANG THONG – A man spent almost 30,000 baht on a funeral for his relative only to discover on the day that the corpse inside the coffin wasn’t his relative! Before cremating the body, the man opened the coffin to see his relative’s face for the last time and was bewildered. His relative is still alive!

Komkrit, 42-years-old, the host of the funeral said that he was informed by the deceased peoples’ identification foundation that his relative, Prachueb, 39-years-old, died of heart failure, and that he was identified as Prachueb.

The foundation sent the body to Komkrit a few days later – and along with several villagers in town, they held a funeral for Prachueb and scheduled for a cremation.

After performing several rituals, Komkrit, in tears, walked over to open the lid of the coffin and found that the face of the deceased looked nothing like Prachueb! Who the hell was it?

Komkrit was in shock and called Prachueb’s brother, to find that Prachueb is alive and well. Komkrit got hold of Prachueb’s number and talked to the man himself.
Prachueb told Komkrit that he had lost his ID card almost 10 years ago, and had never reclaimed a new one. There is no clue as to how Prachueb’s ID card ended up in the wallet of some unknown dead guy.

Komkrit, and his fellow villagers ditched the funeral having spent 32,555 baht.

The nameless dead man was registered as having no relatives at the time of death.

Writer: Adrian Tse & Chet Chetchotisak

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